greentapestry : IAVOM ~ "Flowers In The Window"

Monday 31 May 2021

IAVOM ~ "Flowers In The Window"

" And there is time, time, time

To plant new seeds and watch them grow

So there will be flowers before we go"

Well what a difference a week can make when it comes to the weather never mind politics. A lovely sunny and warm day especially when compared to last Monday and all that is so magical about this month has finally come about in the very last week! I realised this morning that my brand new vase could just sneak in one more appearance when it comes to 'In A Vase On Monday' before the month of May is out. Again few contents as the neck of the vase is on the small side. 

The first is lovely lacy annual orlaya grandiflora. These were sown on the 6th September 2020 and overwintered in the greenhouse before being hardened off. I have since sown a second batch in March and may yet squeeze in a third.

Secondly a couple of heads of anemone 'Galilee Pastel Mix'. The bulbs were planted towards the end of February in three inch pots in the greenhouse on top of the heated sand bench. Once they had come through they were moved way from the warmth of the sand bench before going out to harden off some time in April. I grew them last year for the first time but was unlucky to end up with a bag of flowers of all one colour but this year's bulbs are already revealing a more varied rainbow of colours. The flower that is prominent is more lilac than the pink it appears to be in the photo. The other flower lurking at the back is white. I planted another lot of bulbs in March which have still to reveal their flowers. They are perennial but last year's bulbs did not overwinter so it will be interesting to see what transpires with this batch. 

Finally a single snip of last year's carrot foliage which was still fresh from last week's vase.

My post title was inspired by my exercise on the treadmill this morning when my ears were treated to the sound of 'Flowers In The Window' by the excellent Travis. We often listen to their music late at night when we're away in the camper van, especially when we are parked well away from other vehicles and can sing at the top of our voices. One of those songs that I have heard before but had forgotten about so I was delighted to rediscover it and it sparked the idea of an indoor vase setting.

Thanks as always to the lovely Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' who came up with the gem of an idea for sharing our vases each and every Monday. 


  1. Oh you ahve tempted me to try orlaya again - I have memories of it being a seed that often sulked but you have clearly been successful. And is that the best way to grow these anemones? Again they are something I have never had success with - must try harder!! What a sweet little vase you ahve shared with us and I am so pleased you could use your Darling Buds vase again this year! I don't know Travis but if this is a typical lyric it sounds as if it might appeal. How did you get on in the new van?

    1. Oh orlaya is worth a go Cathy. I love it. My September sown seed fared well but the spring sowing in March wasn't as productive as hoped. I don't know if that is the best way to grow the anemones but it works for me 😂 Perhaps not a typical Travis link. The new van has stuttered before it has the chance to got out and about - it needs a new fuel tank!

  2. I'm imagining you singing your heart out on the treadmill, Anna! I'm glad you've had a touch of warmer weather to bring our your May flowers. Last year, Orlaya exploded in my garden and hung on for a long time but this year the blooms have been paltry and they're fading fast. And of course my own anemones are long gone. I'll blame the very variable weather, early heat followed by cooler condition and back and forth again, all with almost no rain even at the height of our very brief rainy season.

  3. Light airy and cool sums up your lovely arrangement this week Anna.

  4. This is beautiful, Anna, I love umbellifers and Orlaya is certainly amongst the prettiest. I saw them in Provence in the wild growing en masse in long grass last year, it was a delight! I find it hard growing things from seed unless I do it in the house as temperatures in the greenhouse here seem to extreme. Wild carrots do well though ;) . Hope your eyes are better, have a great June xx

  5. That is beautiful Anna, delicate yet impactful

  6. They look lovely, Anna. Sometimes we plant seeds, care for them, but they don't bloom. The rest of the time we don't think too much about it, with little expectation but we are met with surprise. I love these flowers, although they don't have the ornamental value but their presence can give your the happiness that you loved and cared for them.

  7. So pretty Anna. The soft colours and delicate petals are just gorgeous. Glad you got a nice mix of colours this time round. :-)


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