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Monday 3 May 2021

IAVOM ~ 'Purple Rain'


The occupants of 'In A Vase On Monday' were gathered on Sunday afternoon in anticipation of a rainy Bank Holiday Monday, a forecast which so far has been spot on. I wish that I could share the scent coming from these flowers with you as it's most pleasing. In the vase are :
  • Geranium phaeum - an old favourite. It's not scented but the bees love it, it seems to be reasonably pest and disease free and flowers for a reasonable amount of time. A good haircut after flowering promotes fresh growth. I think that this one is a seedling, possibly of geranium phaeum 'Lily Lovell' rather than a named variety. They do self seed but not to the extent that they should carry a government health warning.
  • Wallflower - I mentioned this one a couple of posts back or so. It was grown from in 2019. It flowered last spring and looked exactly as the seed packet described it namely 'Wallflower Sunset Apricot'. I was delighted with the flowers and looked forward to a repeat performance this spring but as you can see it has morphed into this purple/ pinky shade with only a touch of apricot remaining. It is scented but will be removed when flowering is done and I will sow some more seeds next month.
  • Lunaria rediviva also known as a perennial honesty. This is the most soft shade of lilac and  has the most sweetly scented flowers. I grew this from seed in 2017 and after moving it it sulked for a while but seems to be happier this spring. It is quite a big plant and I'm still not sure whether it is in the right place. Unlike the biennial honesty the seed heads are elliptical. 

My vase, an old pickle or relish jar of some description is now on the kitchen window sill. I don't think that it will last long but I am going to enjoy the scent whilst I can when standing at the kitchen sink. 

Thanks as always to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for inviting us to share our vases on Monday. I don't think that there will be much in the way of gardening done here today other than under the cover of the greenhouse. The rain is forecast to continue for the day which is quite reassuring given how dry April was. The wind is getting up as promised which is not as welcome. Still time to do some cosy potting up in the greenhouse and visit other vase posts sounds a much more attractive proposition than being stuck in bank holiday traffic. I hope that you're enjoying your Monday wherever you are.


  1. I love the mix of plum and apricot color here, Anna. It almost makes me hungry (but then it is lunch time here). I've tried growing both that Geranium and Lunaria here with no success but I think I need to seek out some seed an try wallflower again. I grew Erysimum here for a time once but, as the plants are hard to come by, maybe starting my own from seed is the ticket.

  2. The whole vase is a delicate assembly, and absolutely unique with your 'evolved' wallflower and geranium. I rather like these arrangements that last a short time, after all these cannot ever be bought at a florist. Hope your pickle vase gets replenished time after time, with other pretty flowers from the garden.

  3. This is so lovely Anna! Exactly my cup of tea! You may remember I started growing G. phaeum after seeing them on your blog and love them. And I also grew the perennial honesty in my old garden. Now I will have to try wallflowers as well! Hope the rest of the week brings you some sunshine.

  4. So pretty. I love the faded beauty of your wallflower. In my old garden Lunaria redvivia seeded everywhere but here, the two I have never spread themselves about.
    Goodness,yesterday was grim, we got some rain which is good, but those winds gave me the shudders.


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