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Monday, 16 August 2021

IAVOM ~ Swirl


Today continues in the same vein as most of August in that it's cool, damp and windy so just a quick dash out to pick and plonk from me whilst there was an opportunity to do so. My flowers still swirled round in the wind, a couple of petals flew off  (perhaps I was to rough when I coaxed them into the vase) and they are not quite where they were meant to be when I took the photo. An optimistic hint of sun from my sun face vase was obscured. Still in the words of my school reports when it came to maths "I tried".The flowers are cosmos bippinatus 'Purity', a favourite old stalwart sown from seed in the greenhouse back in early April. I love them but this year have struggled to find the right place for them this year. I used to grow them at the allotment where they had plenty of room but tried to grow them in big pots this year and they were just not right. I may have to seek out a similar but smaller version next year so any suggestions of a shorter white flowered sister, cousin or friend would be most welcome. Thank you as always to Cathy who blogs at 'Rambling In The Garden' and who came up with the excellent suggestion of sharing our vases each Monday. 


  1. They look just perfect, Anna. Simple, cool and relaxed.

  2. I do love cosmos! All white together is so lovely, simple and unfussy. A very pretty vase! Amanda

  3. Lovely Anna. Cosmos look great whatever the weather, and a bit of wind and dropped petals does not detract from the simple elegance of Purity. I can't help with the short stems as I am always looking for taller ones. But if I come across one I will let you know. :-)

  4. Love your swirly vase, Anna, Cosmos always look right. Mine have seeded in the gravel where they stay very small. Don't have the heart to rip them out although they're blocking the path to the bench. The garden definitely prefers the cooler summer...and me too! Take care x

  5. They do take quite a lot of room, and I am yet to grow cosmos but always admire them in other people's larger gardens or in vases like yours. The white flowers are very pretty.


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