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Saturday 3 December 2022

A Week Of Flowers 2022 ~ Day 4


It's back to to the middle of May this year when spring was working her magic and a couple of aquilegias. All my aquilegias have been grown from seed either kindly given to me by friends or obtained via the excellent seed exchanges run by The Cottage Garden Society or The Hardy Plant Society. Over the years they have self seeded and some interesting offspring have arisen.

We woke up to a light frost, blue skies and sunshine this morning and the weather is set to get much colder as the next week unfolds. I'm off outside to do some rearranging over seedlings in the greenhouse and one or two hardy perennials that have been bought under cover for the winter. Then to cut some lengths of fleece for protection on the colder nights. I'm trying to cut down on using the greenhouse heater overnight this winter but it may be switched on when the overnight temperatures are minus. Many thanks to Cathy over at 'Words and Herbs' who came up with the excellent idea of brightening up these back end days with a myriad of flowers. I'm looking forward to peeking at what other bloggers are sharing when I'm back in  the warmth later, coffee in hand and pen and paper in reach.


  1. These are lovely, very different to the ones that I have, mine are more like ladies bonnets.

  2. I have been taking notes too Anna. And Aquilegia seed will now be going on my list! Such a pretty pink one. I find the purples tend to dominate so I must remedy that. Hope you have a nice day pottering in the greenhouse. We have a dusting of snow today so I will be staying in the warm!

  3. Oh bother, I forgot to fill out my name above for commenting again!

  4. Lovely colours, especially the blue.

  5. Beautiful aquilegias, I can't imagine spring without them!


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