greentapestry : A Week Of Flowers, 2022 ~ Day 7

Tuesday 6 December 2022

A Week Of Flowers, 2022 ~ Day 7


It's the here and now in the December garden for day 7, with the last defiant few flowers of geranium 'Rozanne', an absolute star of a hardy perennial, They have been covered with flowers most of the time from late spring onwards - trouble free and such a beautiful colour. It makes excellent ground cover and can be also be grown in containers. I think that this last brave show will sadly be finished off by hard frost as this week unfolds but it more than deserves a winter break.

A special thanks and a virtual bouquet 💐 to the lovely Cathy over at 'Words and Herbs', who came up with this idea of banishing the blues through sharing photos of our flowers. I have enjoyed seeing both familiar flowers, new to me ones and those that I just can't grow but would love to be able to. It has made me realise that I've haven't taken many photos in the garden this year, so a new year aim for me is to get reacquainted with my camera rather than rely on my phone and get out there weekly to capture what is happening. 


  1. I am glad you gave Rozanne a post of her own. She really does deserve it! I also have a few rather tattered flowers stiil trying to brave the elements, despite frosts and even snow! So glad you enjoyed this as much as I did Anna! 🤗

  2. How lovely that Rozanne is still flowering.

  3. 'Rozanne' may be my absolute favorite geranium. she was happy in my former garden but quickly decided that my current one does not fit her requirements.

  4. Blue flowers are always so striking.


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