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Monday 29 January 2024

IAVOM ~ 'Reeling In The Years'

 It's Monday again and I'm joining in with the 'In A Vase On Monday' meme which invites bloggers to share their flowers in a vase or alternative container. A great way to kick-start the new week! A quick pick and plonk from me late yesterday afternoon. In my vase are :

  • Iris reticulata - I'm not sure what variety but possibly 'Clairette'. They have popped up over the last week in a pot set aside as I wasn't sure what was in it. No signs of any other occupants so far though.
  • Helleborus x hybridus (Ashwood Evolution Group) Yellow Double' - this is a recent arrival and was a gift from himself as I celebrated one of those big birthdays that ends in a 0 last week. It's a beauty and now I need to find the perfect spot for it.
I have used a favourite vase which was hand painted by my mum. I  can't make my mind up whether the markings are suns or stars. On the subject of the solar system just before darkness fell last night we headed to catch the 'Gaia' exhibition at a local museum, which is based on the site of a former medieval monastery. This art installation is touring the world and gives us an opportunity to see what our planet looks like from the moon. 

Measuring seven metres in diameter and created from 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface, 'Gaia' gives us the opportunity to see our planet, floating in three dimensions. In Greek mythology Gaia is the personification of the Earth, hence the name of the installation. We thought that our local museum was perhaps to small to get the best experience of 'Gaia' but imagine that it will look fantastic suspended in Tewkesbury Abbey, where it will be heading off to next week. Do have a look here to find out more and to see whether 'Gaia' might be heading in your direction in the future.

Thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for her stellar hosting each and every week. Although it's raining heavily outside at the moment I'm hoping to spend some time in my greenhouse  this week well wrapped up in the heated gilet that my sister has kindly bought for me in deference to my senior years. I hope that you're able to venture out into the garden this week.


  1. Pouring down all day again here. Fleecy underwear is my nod to senior years

  2. Oh what a lovely present from Himself, Anna - did he choose it, or seek your really striking, aren't they? I have treated myself in the last couple of years ... 😉 This double yellow is such a soft and subtle shade and is enhanced further by the iris, and the lovely vase your Mum painted, whch I have always liked. It must have been a real experience seeing the Gaia exhibit - I think it was at Lichfield Cathedral some time ago, but I dn't hear about it till too late (must check if it is back in this direction sometime). Have fun iin your greenhouse tomorrow! 👍

  3. I immediately fixated on that glorious Iris, Anna. If I could find that variety, I might try from Iris reticulata again - they were only minimally successful the first time I tried them. The Gaia exhibit is definitely one I'd attend were it to make it anywhere in my vicinity - it doesn't appear to have visited the US often and it looks like the closest it's come to my location was in Northern California.

  4. Iris reticulata are such a favorite and in that color. Love how it goes perfect with the vase your mum painted. What a fascinating exhibit you attended.

  5. Wau, those colours! And very very beautiful vase!

  6. A Very Happy Birthday Anna, and what a lovely present from your dearly beloved. He knows how to pick the perfect gift. Those Iris too are so beautiful and they flowered just at the right time to partner your new Hellebore. I saw the earth in Wells Cathedral a few years back, and then more recently the moon came.

  7. That is soooooo pretty Anna! I just sat and stared at it for several minutes, smiling!
    I think the colours are perfect for the vase, and your hellebore is gorgeous. The vase is also a perfect link to that exhibition you visited, which sounds and looks fascinating. And a belated many happy returns for the 'round' birthday!

  8. What a sensational color combination. Beautiful.

  9. Perfect in every way. I am a huge fan of irises and that yellow hellebore is amazing. Happy Birthday! That is such an interesting exhibit. Glad you had a chance to experience it.

  10. Your vase is beautiful, the blues and yellows compliment one another perfectly.
    I saw a huge image of Australia in the last photo from the moon! That's where I am located. :)


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