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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Branching Out

Just where to start is a question that has been puzzling me for quite some time. I have a piece of paper in my possession which details my family history on my paternal side as far back as my great great great father who was born in 1780. The information to date has not come about from any detective work or head scratching on my part but was researched by older and wiser family members. Unfortunately they are not in a position to continue but now that I have more time on my hands, it is something that I would dearly love to do so and to see whether I can get any further back.

Last week I visited the local library to talk to members of the Family History Society who run a regular drop in clinic to see if I could get any hints/tips about how to proceed. I am not sure whether I came home more confused - lots of jargon and initials went drifting over my head. However, I am cheered by the fact that we have an unusual surname, although I must confess that I was not partial to it in my younger days. At the same time I also picked up what looks a very comprehensive tome on the subject of researching your family tree. I think that my head will be buried in these pages during the next few weeks so that I can devise an action plan.

The tree in the above photo is one of my favourite trees- it is on the edge of the village pond at Hanley Swan, near Malvern, Worcestershire where we have enjoyed several holidays over the years.


  1. Have you got the @Who Do You Think YOu Are?' encyclopedia on your Christmas list? It might help clear away some of the jargon and TLAs!

    Good luck with your research - it's something I'd like to do as well.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion VP - I may well add that to my list. Now just what is a TLA ? :)

    Do let me know if you get bitten by the bug too !


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