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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Well that was all over in the blink of an eyelid or so it seemed. It was always going to be a quiet one with himself having to work two twelve hour day shifts on Christmas Day and Boxing Day followed by two twelve hour nights. However when I came down with a cold/cough/chest infection it became even quieter :) I managed to force myself off the settee on Christmas Day to cook a wonderful meal for his return - well it looked wonderful but I could have been eating cardboard. Since then I have spent a lot of time on the settee moaning and groaning, sniffling and coughing and generally feeling sorry for myself. I am only now just beginning to feel more human. I usually love this twilight zone between Christmas and New Year with plenty to read and dwell upon but have not really been able to do it justice this time. However for the first time in my adult life I am fortunate enough not to have the return to work looming over me so the books to be read, seed catalogues to be poured over pile can wait until I am ready.

What I have taken pleasure out of is looking out of the window at the birds feeding in what has been a long and protracted cold spell. Apparently we have had the coldest December for three decades taking us back to a time when I did not take so much interest in the weather. These little fellows above have presented me with a serious quandry. The viburnum tinus in which the feeders are situated was planted over twenty years ago. It was one of the first plants we planted in the garden. In those days we had a wonderful family run garden centre with a cheap and cheerful bargain corner where we bought a good few plants. The viburnum is now too tall, unruly and riddled with what I think is viburnum beetle. It is a serious contender for 'The Chop' but when I see the birds dart in and out as well as feed my resolve weakens Oh decisions, decisions. Off with its head or not now that is the question ? Answers on a postcard please


  1. Off with its head Anna! Mine's in a similar state and is part of the border revamp I'm planning for the New Year.

    Get well soon Anna - you've got the perfect excuse for lots of 'medicinal' drinks for tomorrow night!

  2. Sound advice both plant wise and health wise VP :) I think I am just looking for any excuse to delay doing the deed !


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