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Sunday, 7 December 2008

'Mr Tambourine Man'

I have been singing at the top of my voice nearly all weekend. Those who have heard my singing voice will grimace in pain. If you have not yet had the pleasure think of
'Coronation Street
' then of Hilda Ogden warbling as she flitted round with her duster and yes that's my singing voice. You will have to be of a certain age and have certain television habits to be aware of our Hilda, otherwise you will have to use your imagination.

The reason for my song fest is because I have managed to get tickets to see Bob Dylan, who will be playing at the newly built and splendid Liverpool Echo Arena next May. I have wanted to see Dylan since I was a student many moons ago, when so many evenings were spent listening to his music drift through the air as we pondered on the meaning of life etc. I am just so excited but will have to refrain from singing' Mr Tambourine Man' for the next six months or so, otherwise the other occupant of this house will not be responsible for his actions. To be continued !


  1. Finally! Another Corrie fan! I also cannot sing, but am recording a bukcthorn song Thursday with a friend on piano. Just for fun. Or torture. You know.
    ~ Monica

  2. A serious Corrie fan here of many years standing and always pleased to meet a kindred spirit. What is a buckthorn song Monica ? It sounds intriguing.


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