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Monday 22 December 2008

Wot no sprouts ?

Unlike some I could mention including the illustrious VP I do like my sprouts. Christmas dinner would not be complete without them. Tempted by a seed catalogue that shall remain nameless I ordered some 'Red Rubine' seeds earlier this year. There was a warning that the yield may not be great but it was the thought of the 'sweet, nutty taste' that grabbed me. Duly sown, nourished, planted at the allotment, staked and regularly decaterpillared etc. I have been looking forward to harvest time. This was going to be a first as I have not successfully grown sprouts before let alone any members of the brassica family.

Today I went to the allotment risking life and limb in doing so, to check on the state of play. Visiting the allotment at this time of year is almost an Olympic winter sport as the central paths are so wet and slithery. Come to think of it the path was in the same state in July when I did not keep upright and sustained a badly bruised foot. This morning having ungracefully skated my way down the main path, in full view of spectators, I finally came to a halt of the gate of plot 57. I once again was pleased that I went for raised beds noting the state of my neighbour's plot as I tottered past - his strawberries need swimming costumes.

'Will they be big enough to eat?' was the burning question on my lips - ' No!' was the resounding reply. I do have quite a few sprouts on the couple of plants, which unappetisingly have whitefly on them despite the recent frosts, but they are not much bigger than the size of chocolate buttons. So tomorrow when I go to Chester to pick up the main component of the Christmas meal I will once again have to buy my sprouts. Oh well there's only about another 365 days to go the next potential Christmas sprout crop.

On the plus side I was pleased to see my autumn planted red onion sets and garlic are making good progress. What is more a letter came in the post recently to say that the council will start work on resurfacing the path in the new year, so hopefully I can hang up my skates as the resurfacing will be done as far as I have to walk. However I was told today by another plotholder who uses a walking stick that only half of the path is to be resurfaced. On a more serious note, I wonder how plotholders with disabilities manage this hazardous state of affairs. Does the local council have a legal responsibilty to ensure safe access to plots under the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act ? Despite some research on the internet I have not managed to find a definitive answer yet. Definitely an issue to raise at the next AGM.


  1. I'm giggling at the thought of strawberry plants in swimming cossies :)

    So sad about your sprouts - how about not buying any, just like me? ;)

    Thanks for the link!

  2. A shame about the sprouts. I didn't get round to growing any this year.
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  3. I'm here via VP, by the way. I love sprouts but haven't grown them, either. I'm very jealous they and strawberries (strawberries!!!!) are growing in your part of the world in December... even if the strawberries do need water wings and the sprouts weren't big enough!
    ~ Monica
    P.S. I'll need to wait until April for snowdrops. Pout pout.

  4. Thanks for all your sympathy for the sad state of my sprouts.

    VP - I resisted following your example - it would have been too much of a sacrifice !

    HM - I am hoping to do better next year. I grew them last year as well but they perished when they were juveniles - my fault.

    Hello Monica and welcome. I am afraid I have misled you. I was careless with my use of language. The word 'plants' should have followed strawberries . At the moment they are dormant so it will be six months or so until we have fruit. I can live with that but I don't think I could wait until April to see snowdrops in flower - that would be just too long for me :)

  5. Anna, my mistake--I know England is much more temperature than Michigan, but I should have known you meant strawberry plants, not strawberries themselves. Also, what is that cool sculpture on your user pic?
    ~ Monica

  6. Thanks for your question Monica. I am glad that you like the sculpture. I will keep you in suspense just for a little while but will do a separate post about my user photo very soon :)


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