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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Celebration !

Himself is celebrating one of those birthdays that end with an 0 today. He declared a wish to wake up in the Great Langdale Valley in the Lake District this morning, so off we went in the campervan yesterday. Himself came here regularly at weekends when much younger and has a great love for the area. You can just see our campervan nestling behind some trees and next to the purple van, if you click on the above photo. We liked the look of the yurts also in the same photo.

A gentle early evening stroll :

Past the lambs bedding down for the night - the look on the white lamb's face was priceless :

We head in the direction of one of three local hostelries:

Himself raises a celebratory glass of Wainwright's Ale from our outside seat in an alcove just beneath the eaves of the pub. We look out on a deserted beer garden. I wish I had bought my gloves :

Another foolhardy couple suitably attired for the elements arrive :

We head back to the van between cloudbursts and before frostbite sets in.

A stroll in the opposite direction this morning before heading home :

A truly beautiful spot. In our absence rum goings on in the greenhouse - a spaghetti marrow has been decapitated and a big hole has been nibbled out of the leaves of an aubergine :( I am off now with my torch to see if I can find the culprit. Please launch a search party if I do not report back soon !


  1. I've only been to the Lake District once a few years ago but loved it and plan to return.
    Happy birthday to your hubby

  2. Anna, how wonderful! I love that region of England and I love walking. Wish Himself a happy birthday. It's so cool your have the camper van--yurts are cool and all, but I'd rather sleep off the ground! :) (P.S. Where's my ale?!)

  3. Hi I spent many happy holidays and trips out to the Lakes when I was growing up in Lancashire. It is a beautiful part of England but often you need warm clothes just in case the cloud decends even in summer.

    I think every county in the UK has it's own unique charm. I live in Surrey now and love the trees and hills.

  4. Hi Anna

    It's wild and beautiful.

    Those Yurts are interesting. It's like a little piece of Marrakech in the pouring rain.

    I'm assuming the beer was good. Mine's a pint!


  5. It looks like a wonderful hiking area, up in the hills. The winding paths, stone walls, and rocky outcroppings are very scenic. I imagine that the frolicking lambs were entertaining too.

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby. What a nice way to celebrate. It looks like a very beautiful place. I enlarged the pic of the lambs so I could see its expression. Ha! It (he/she?) looks so cozy and warm. LOL!

  7. Anna:
    Please send belated birthday wishes to Himself from your shady character correspondent in Canada. What a gorgeous area - I could so get lost in the English landscape. Hoping you returned unscathed from your hunting quest! Nasty culprits they can be! A camper van sounds like so much fun.... of course we had nasty frost here the past two nights and much damage at the nursery! Alas, always rushing the season, and the same thing befalls us year after year..... we should have learned by now! Hope all is well,

  8. Those photographs capture the atmosphere wonderfully well. Still, I am glad to be sitting where I am without the need for gloves:-)


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