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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

The garden club plant sale always distracts me for a while. I usually have a daily reccie of the garden to see what's happening, but in the lead up to the plant sale I turned my back for a couple of days. Look what snuck up upon me when I wasn't looking ? This geranium phaeum is growing amongst stipa tennuisimas and blue aquilegias. I was somewhat remiss and did not notice it open. It is a sunnier spot than most of my phaeums so is tiny in stature. Still a most welcome sight. Have any plants crept upon you this year and taken you by surprise ?


  1. Anna, I was sick this last week and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some many plants had started blooming while I was in bed. I guess Mother Nature is on her own schedule and won't wait for us to notice her flowers.

    Always Growing

  2. Plants are always surprising me as I am constantly forgetting where I planted things!!

  3. I had to chuckle at your question. I am afraid many things have crept up on me and I am in a constant tussle to get on top, not helped by many years illness followed by two weeks this May away from the garden. However the stars, Roses and Clematis make up for chores not yet tackled.

    I love your interloper.

  4. Hi Anna~~ I love your Geranium. Is it really that blue?

    I walked past a centrally located obelisk I don't know how many times before I noticed Ville de Lyon clematis had its first blossom.

  5. I was blown away by the changes I saw in my garden in just six days when I was away on vacation.

  6. How lovely!

    I haven't noticed anything unexpected yet this year, other than some more Anaphalis yedoensis, which first appeared as a surprise last year!

  7. Nelly Moser surprised me with a bloom way down low on the vine.

  8. Looks good amongst the grass doesn't it?

    So to answer the question, well, I'm suprised that my oriental poppies are going to bloom. I sowed them from seed last Autumn and wasn't expecting too much this year.

  9. I have some nasturtiums that have self-seeded in the deepest gloom beneath a fig tree. I guess they hadn't heard of 'deciduous'...

  10. Well, as much as I like to think I'm observant, I missed the first rose bud opening on my knock-outs. I happened to see the bud (almost missed that too) but didn't see it open and when I finally noticed it, there were a whole bunch more that had also opened;-) AND, this is only ONE example...sadly, I must admit that I missed even more things. Our gardens seem to 'sleep' all winter and then suddenly, there's so much life in every corner, that we can hardly keep up with it all!

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  12. Hi Anna, I feel so guilty, it is months since I visited you, I do have trouble keeping up with all the lovely blogs, like you I answer all my comments and that is rather time consuming in itself!!

    I have been looking back over some of the posts I missed and have thoroughly enjoyed them and all the lovely photos.

    I think the plants which creep up on me most often are the weeds ;(


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