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Sunday, 10 May 2009

''On The Road Again"

Leaving the occupants of the greenhouse to entertain themselves for a couple of days, we have just been to the Malvern Spring Gardening Show. We broke our journey down south with a stop at Hampton Court Castle in Herefordshire . I could not wait to return to the gardens there after making my first visit there last summer. It was an ideal chance to call in again and I was not disappointed. Stepping into the walled garden we both commented on the rise in temperature - oh what would I give for a walled garden ! If we ever win the lottery jackpot a walled garden would be top of my list, followed by clean sheets every day of the year. Although it is still early in the season there was still plenty of colour. We met one of the gardeners who was cutting flowers for the house as the owners were visiting for the weekend. She had plenty to choose from including alliums, tulips, valerain, lilacs, euphorbias, both real and false 'Solomon's Seal' and tellima odorata - she highly recommended the latter for its scent.

Another week or so would have seen the wisteria arch at its peak ~

Instead I drooled over the one or two flower heads that had fully opened ~

There was not much planted yet in the vegetable garden but preparations for the new season were well underway. I admired these sweet pea supports where sweet pea 'Matucana' had been planted ~

Lusted after the greenhouses ~

before finishing our stroll with a visit to the restaurant ~

where it was warm enough to sit outside to eat - enjoying the views down to the river and the clouds of orange blossom ~

All too soon it was time to return to the camper van to continue with our journey to Malvern and the show. To be continued in my next post .......


  1. Thanks for the photo tour - I have just added it to my mental list of gardens to visit. Looking forward to your Malvern show photos and stories!

  2. Hi Anna

    Hampton Court Castle looks really good.

    I agree about the greenhouse, walled garden and those sweet pea supports. Matucana is a great colour(s).

    I wish I could have got to Malvern.


  3. What a lovely journey for this time of year.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Anna, Looks like a lovely trip. The gardens at Hampton Court look wonderful--love the arches. And a walled garden would be great! I was amazed, when seeing one at a local historic (for American standards) house... the temps are indeed much warmer than outside the walls! Looking forward to your report of Malvern.

  5. There was more to see at Hampton than I thought there would be. I love those sweet pea supports makes mine look pathetic

  6. What a beautiful place - how I'd like to visit some time! A walled garden with a warm temperature sounds glorious.

    I'm trying to remember what tellima odorata is ...

  7. Anna:
    And here I was worrying about not getting time off from the nursery to travel on vacation...... I can do it vicariously through your wonderful visual tours. I sense one in our next communication!

  8. It's beautiful there, one day I hope I get a chance to travel over there and visit some gardens. The sweet pea supports are really neat, I'd love to be able to make something like that.

  9. I'm lucky enough to live a mile away from Hampton Court - our cottage was once part of the estate. This year I have got a season ticket because it really is glorious throughout the year.


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