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Thursday, 21 May 2009

The List Mistress

The garden club plant sale looms ahead this weekend and I am losing the plot. Back in January when I wrote this post it seemed a comfortably long time off. So now that it is a couple of days before the event and I wish it was over:) I have lists everywhere - lists of what plants to take to the plant sale, what I still need to do before the day as well as what to take with me on the day. It is fortunate perhaps that I have fewer plants than what I imagined my still relatively new non working life style would give me the chance to propagate. As well as the plant sale lists there seems to be a plethora of other lists - what needs taking to the allotment, what needs bringing back, what still needs sowing and well as what needs attention in the garden. Meanwhile the greenhouse shuffle continues in all its permutations, plants seem to reproduce overnight, I am still searching for whatever decapitated my cucumber and everytime I put my head out of the door there's more of that wet stuff ! I will write more about the plant sale at the weekend when I surface for breath.


  1. Anna:
    What a wonderful post - and thanks to the 'Link Within' I read an earlier post, aptly titled; Plant Sale- Never Again!
    The hort society in Fergus held their annual sale a week ago, and everything that you spoke of in the earlier post - the weather, the plants selling because they were in bloom - it should be required reading for anyone who is thinking of hosting a sale!
    Here, plants are all lumped together by botanical name, the money all goes into one pot, and by the end of the day, we are wet, cold and miserable with one another!
    I was asked to make donations of plants, and this may sound snobbish, but I have no desire to part with plants that for the most part people have never heard of, and to be frank, are well worth more than the $2-5 that they charge! I am more than happy to give divisions to fellow plant collector's who will appreciate the fact that they have something that is hard to find. Of course this mentality gets me into trouble year after year, resulting in my uttering those exact same words.....'Never Again!'...... until next year rolls around! Looking forward to our June 1st communique! Might have to call in sick to get it done in time! LOL!

  2. Sounds like you are busy. I'm a list maker too, I have them everywhere. The feeling of crossing off the finished things is rewarding.
    Hope your lists get shorter once the plant sale is over.

  3. Hi Anna~~ The only GOOD thing about a plant sale is being a customer. Getting there early, finding all of the best stuff, making a beeline for the cashier without having to wait in line. And leaving with a satisfied smirk.

  4. I feel you on the lists and prepping for plant sale! Hope all goes well. Like you I'm finding my new free time isn't as directed as I thought it might be, but at the same time, I'm enjoying it! :)

  5. I'm a bit of a listaholic too! Sometimes I seem to spend more time reorganizing lists than doing what is on them ... but if I don't write things down I usually forget! (Except eating chocolate !!)

  6. I hope the plant sale went well. If the plants in the photo are anything to go by they certainly look healthy and attractive.

  7. Hope the plant sale is a great success and the weather holds for you - it's a long time since we had this sort of bank holiday sun!
    As for the lists, well when you get to the stage of having to read your lists each night before going to sleep, you know you've pretty much lost it. But wouldn't/couldn't be without them.
    P x

  8. Hello Anna

    I hope it all goes smoothly in the end.

    If you're listing stuff you must be quite organised.


  9. Hi Teza - i am glad to hear that I am not the only person who says 'Never Again!' and then does a complete turn around year after year after year :) The participating members in our sale usually have their own stalls and a percentage of the takings goes to club funds. I can understand your dilemma about being asked to make donations but perhaps the prices for special plants should be higher :)

    Agree with you about the crossing out Catherine - it is most satisfying :)

    Grace - you hit the nail right on the head !

    I have come to the conclusion that I have slowed down Monica since I have had more spare time :)

    I am with you there Phoenix - how could one forget to eat chocolate - no need for this to go on a list - in fact it is an essential requirement for list making.

    Thanks for the best wishes and nice words about my plants Helen - they were appreciated :)

    Pam, the weather was much improved - not brilliant but it was dry !!! I save my list reading for morning. I would have nightmares if I did it last thing at night :)

    Thanks Rob - I don't know about the well organised bit but list making is essential for the ageing grey matter.


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