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Saturday, 19 September 2009


Within five minutes of leaving home last Saturday morning, I was dismayed to find myself enveloped and shivering in thick fog. Although major shopping was on the agenda, fog per se would not be an obstacle even to a reluctant shopper like myself. However before battling out with the best of them in Liverpool's new shopping precinct, I planned to return to Chavasse Park for my September Out On The Streets contribution over at Veg Plotting. I posted about my June visit to the park here. Fortunately by the time I got to town the fog had lifted, descended and then lifted again- all down to the meandering of the river Mersey methinks. So fortunately by the time I reached my destination it was a sparkling September morning.

This is a small park with none of the usual facilities for children that you usually associate with a park. Having said that it is a pleasant area to sit in, relax, chat, perhaps picnic and generally enjoy some welcome green right in the centre of a bustling city. There were distinct early autumnal hues.

More or less from the same spot, firstly in June ~

and now September ~

However there was still much colour in evidence. Reds, yellows and oranges here ~

Various late flowering perennials used in combination with grasses ~

I detected spaces for further planting - more echinaceas and asters would fit in well.

This time the water feature was working- hurrah ! ~

As it was still before 9.00am there were very few folk about. I imagine though that kids would enjoy weaving through these water spurts and getting drenched. Whilst making sure that my camera was not getting splashed, I was asked a question by another early morning photographer. This chap had the works strapped round his neck - a most expensive looking camera and accessories. He was over here from Venezuela and said that he was enjoying taking photos. He told me that it was too dangerous for him to take photos at home for fear of being mugged. He said that he felt quite safe in Liverpool, which was a refreshing comment, as the city often attracts unfair comments both in the national press and from so called comedians about its crime rate.

On a final note I will leave you with a glimpse of this building which you can see from the park ~

This is part of the new Liverpool ferry terminal which recently had the very dubious honour of winning the 2009 Carbuncle Cup - this is an award bestowed by architects on the country's most ugly newly completed building. The ferry terminal building is in the proximity of Liverpool's iconic 'Three Graces' so there has been much controversy about this new addition to the waterfront. I have not seen the entire building in close up yet from all angles so will not pass my final verdict but ..... !

P.S. With thanks to Blur for the post title. I will be singing this song for the rest of the day !


  1. Anna - another splendid OOTS entry thank you :)

    I have a similar compare and contrast entry to come - at last I've been to Radstock in summer to see the prairie style planting I've only seen in November and January before!

    You were musing on whether to do 2 entries - if you can still manage it, that would be marvellous.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I do like that blue geranium. A grand day out, thanks Anna

  3. I think the grasses make a big difference in that park. Very nice!


  4. I'm also a reluctant shopper. Love the colors and love the ferry terminal.

  5. Hi Anna~~ Well, if the rest of the angles are as UN complimentary as this one...then the building definitely deserves the award. What is that monstrosity perched atop what I assume is the entrance? It looks like a giant movie screen.

    But to balance things, the building with the cool fountain in front is very nice. And the park is beautiful. I have to say that the fourth photo of the Japanese Forest Grass, Rudbeckia, Helenium ? and the greens with golden sunlight filtering through is breathtaking.

  6. That park looks wonderful. I quite like the look of the ferry terminal ut then I dont have to look at it on a regular basis

  7. The gardens are really pretty, I love the combinations. Those grasses really do add a lot to a late summer/fall garden.

  8. Hi Anna, well done. We always like before and after shots. The grasses add a lot. As for the building and a song, earworm, Ferry 'Cross The Mersey is stuck in my cerebrum. :-)

  9. Lovely planting - great idea to revisit and re-photograph.

  10. Somebody is making a real effort with the planting.

    Not sure about the terminal building.

  11. Really interesting planting and I like the fountains too.


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