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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

'Singing The Blues'



~ which is what I have got today from wondering round other folk's September gardens over at Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens. This is where garden bloggers post about the blooms in their garden on the 15th of each month. My garden seems to be very heavy on the old green tinged with brown at the moment. I have very few September stars - most of what is in flower was out in August or before and is still hanging on. I do have one dramatic new performer though - an unlabeled aconitum, which I bought at our garden club plant sale in May with autumn colour in mind. I am quite smitten already.

If you would like to see more inside information on the letter I you can do so over at ABC Wednesday.


  1. Great words for the day and what a beautiful shot! Lovely colors, beautiful flowers!



  2. Nothing beats the blooms of Aconitum in the fall. Mine merely have tiny green helmets now. Too bad you don't know what yours is, I'd like one that blooms just a smidge earlier.

  3. What is it about flowers that always puts a smile on our faces? These are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely photo. I don't know why but it remionds me of a Van Gogh painting.

  5. Hiya,
    That blue looks positively poisonous. Strikingly unexpected for Autumn. Maybe snails do not like blue? They leave the abundant Pentaglottis sempervirens alone, so...let me know if it stays unsullied.

    Smudgefree notebook: I was given a Sony stick thing that records when you start speaking, VOR whatever that means. It lives in a pocket and I have a tiny microphone clipped to my collar. I think Himself is expecting a novel to come pouring out of me when going through the garden. Curses more like.

  6. Lovely and I'm sure you've got plenty of fresh Ideas to get your garden in bloom next September!

  7. I do like that Aconitum - sadly I dont seem to be able to grow them at all. They had quite a few at Crug - just a hint!!

  8. Oh yes, I get lots of ideas and inspiration from seeing all the blooms on Bloom Day. Not to mention a strong urge to go plant shopping:) Your aconitum will certainly add some color to the fall garden!

    By the way, I do hope you didn't get any kind of bee sting while at the allotment:)

  9. The colour is striking. Beautiful.

  10. That is a beautiful flower! Am I right in thinking aconitum is toxic? That would explain why there is none in my garden!

  11. I have one too but it flowered much earlier in the year than yours. The colour is just wonderful. I might have to find a later one too!

  12. That is a beautiful blue! perfect for this time of year to see garden has more lilacs and yellows. Must get blues. gail


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