greentapestry : "When Skies Are Low And Days Are Dark"

Sunday, 21 February 2010

"When Skies Are Low And Days Are Dark"

When skies are low
and days are dark,
and frost bites
like a hungry shark,
when mufflers muffle
ears and nose,
and puffy sparrows
huddle close -
how nice to know
that February
is something purely

~ Niels Mogen Bodecker, 1922- 1988.


  1. Just about sums it all up. I still hate February though and March is only acceptable because it contains my birthday :-)

  2. And despite all those things... I like february...
    For it's first signs of spring, it's blooming hazels and snowdrops, the crocusses that show their colors.

    But I fear I don't have this attitude towards March. I definitely don't like March. Promising to be the month of spring... and only being wet and cold.

  3. Anna:
    Seems we are experiencing opposites as far as weather is concerned: This has been the first bright and sunny weekend in ages and I have just come in from snooping in the garden to see if my beloved Hellebrous, Galanthus or Epimedium have started displaying signs of life...... nothing just yet... and look, they're calling for 5-6 inches of either freezing rain or snow for the next two days. What's a Canuck to do? Hopefully things will brighten up for you soon!

  4. I am with you Anna, February may be the shortest month, but it seems the longest as we wait for spring, which will arrive in March. I hope.

  5. February is the Wednesday of winter I say. Once this short (!) month is over we will feel like spring is inevitable. Can't wait!

  6. oh I like February - I always think of it as the heralder of spring, but that may be because I dislike January so much! However, this April has been SO cold and its snowing again this morning!
    I read somewhere that Spring may be delayed by two weeks this year, in which case there is still some waiting to do! Lovely poem to cheer our hearts!

    Jeanne x

  7. I hate February!!!! Although it is the shortest month, it feels like the longest to me. In March you start getting those days, where it feels like spring is just around the corner.

  8. Oh yes to this poem Anna! You will know from my moaning that I am not liking this February at all. Still, nearly over now. Bring on spring!

  9. And short. February is short--it's almost over, and March almost sounds like spring!

  10. There isn't much left of February now. I would say 'thank goodness' but I hate wishing my life away.

  11. Not much of February left to enjoy -- or endure. I can't complain, having had a bit of a springish fling with the erratic weather this weekend. Hoping yours gets better soon, Anna! :)

  12. Hi Anna~~ And only one more week of February. We really are on the home stretch. I know. Easy for me to say. I've got daffodils blooming.

  13. Sort of alright - except I like February.


  14. Talk about February, even weather here is fairly erratic ... ~bangchik, Malaysia


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