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Monday, 1 February 2010

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - February 2010


'Splish splosh, February-fill-the-dike,
Sleet in the wind, mud underfoot.
What hint, you ask, of spring? But trust
The honest mistle-thrush, who shouts his song
And builds his nest - a less accomplished singer
Than is the clear-voiced mavis, but he is brave and true.

And trust the aconite and crocus, bright
As wicks of thread which are now lighted up
For ceremonials of Candlemas.'

~ John Heath-Stubbs 1918-2006

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  1. Lovely photo and post. Happy February and Muse Day!

  2. I like the text, although I don't see crocusses and aconites here yet...
    Which Hamamelis is it on the picture? Diane? Rubin?

  3. He's got February right, splish splosh, sleet and mud. Lovely photo.

  4. oh yes, the promise of spring grows ever closer. Perfect poem for today (apart from the splish splosh (here at least)) and a lovely photo Anna.

    Jeanne x

  5. Lovely picture. I keep trying to think of ways to make room for a Witch Hazel in the garden. No luck so far!

  6. Awesome photo of the witch hazel. It's so funny, I never saw any being grown before, and now I'm seeing that a lot of people grow it. I guess I was a sheltered gardener lol.

  7. I love that first line! You sent me mushy pea seeds?! That's so sweet!! They haven't arrived yet but that's because the mail system seems to be slower than molasses in January riding on a snail who's sitting on a tortoise's back! :) That was so nice of you because I had given up after Monticello let me down. (On another front, I did find out that great Northern beans (easily available here as dried or canned) are also marrowfat peas, but white ones and that's not the same.) I'll be eagerly going to the mailbox every day now. (I hope no one confiscated them!)

  8. Forgot to mention, that witch hazel is gorgeous. I have two but each looks like a stick so far... :)

  9. So nice to see some colour, my witch hazel is still all tightly curled up, guarding his treasures.

  10. February is such an unpredictable month here--I'm hoping it gives us a hint of spring. Your witch hazel is lovely! Happy Muse Day, Anna!

  11. Lovely muse day poem, Anna. I think this first day of February has brought out the muse in a lot of our garden bloggers who are awakening, slowly, but surely, from their long winter's nap.

  12. This is was the time of year I start wishing I could have my own Witch hazel. I hope you see lots of hints of Spring soon!

  13. Lovely picture!
    There is nothing flowering in my garden...

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  15. Mud underfoot.....that actually sounds good to me right now. We are still locked in the snow and ice.

    I'm dreaming of crocus.


  16. Hi Anna, the witch hazel is a beauty, the colors like fire to warm us on cold winters days. The crocus are there, we know it, under the snow. Pretty squishy here too.

  17. Anna, Beautiful Witch Hazel! It reminds me of our nursery - the daphne and the witch hazel were indicators that Spring was not far away, and, during a long winter in the retail trade, it was more than reassuring!

  18. I love witch hazel, mine is out too! And I had a nice email from Dobbies.
    I am so looking forward to no more winter. February is my least favourite month.


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