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Thursday, 4 March 2010

End Of Month View - February 2010

Here slightly late in the day is my end of month view inspired by Helen over at 'The Patient Gardener's Weblog'. I was away from home at the end of the month, so did not get out to take my photos until now. Initially I thought that it did not look much different to the end of January view except the snow had melted and a temporary bird feeder has been put in the ground. I have not touched the border other than pull out a few old twiggy bits. I need to get in and have a rootle around but have been waiting for it to warm up slightly. The pile of paving bricks in front of the border are still in place which hampers my access and photographic opportunities somewhat. I now have permission from himself to remove them which I plan to do this coming weekend. However when I have peered more closely there are definite stirrings and goings on in the border.

The little clump of snowdrops were just about to open at the end of January but are still going strong now. I think that the cold weather has extended their flowering period. I do not think that I will be dividing this clump just yet :) There are three hellebores in the border - 'Mrs Betty Ranicar' and two without name, one of them being one of my own seedlings. They seem to have been almost in a state of suspended animation in the last month, but will no doubt be fully open by the end of March. A little clump of miniature narcissus is appearing, the brunnera is sending out new shoots and aquilegias are poking through the ground. Oh yes spring is definitely coming ~

and with the lengthening days the thug picured below is on the march again, despite me doing battle with it last year. I must have missed a piece. I wrote here last April, about how I was tempted to plant it after reading Margery Fish's 'Gardening In The Shade' but beg to disagree with her opinion about this plant. My advice for what it's worth - if you ever come across lamium galeobdolon variegatum ..... just say "No!"


  1. Hi Anna, It's fun to get a preview of spring in your garden! Yay!

  2. Spring is definitely on the march in your garden Anna - and I have to agree with you about the Lamium - it just never gives up does it?

  3. anna:
    Indeed it looks like Spring is well on its way. I just finished posting about the delightful H.'Betty Ranicar', so delightful! I cannot agree more about the Lamium.... three years later it is still popping up in the original Shade border.... a right pretty nuisance!

  4. Funny how you and Teza both wrote about Betty Ranciar on the same day, you are starting to think alike, lol.

  5. Anna, I enjoyed seeing these tender little signs of spring earnestly marching along. :-)

    I too had that thug at my last home. I'm gone, and it's still there....hmmm!

  6. Isn't it great to see signs of spring finally appearing?

  7. There's a definate difference from February. It's so exciting to see everything coming back to life again.

  8. Hi

    Thanks for joining in - I think we notice more at this time of year because we have to look that much closer to spot the plants

  9. Good luck with getting rid of your thug Anna.

    How is your lamium orvala coming along? I'm planning the planting of my east facing bed (the one bordered by a high flint wall) and wondered if this would be suitable?

    Your Japanese Painted Fern has grabbed my imagination too.

    Have a great weekend in the garden - yay!!

    Jeanne x

  10. I love the look of your hellebores. For the very first time I have enough space, enough shade and poor enough soil to have somewhere where the lamium is welcome. Quite funny having spent years digging it up!


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