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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

End Of Month View - March 2010

March has got itself into a right old muddle here coming in like a lamb and exiting roaring like a lion. In between the wind and rain that came down for most of the day, I managed to take a few photos for Patient Gardener's End Of Month View. I am not sure whether I was standing in exactly the same spot as I did last time but it was too cold to linger. The border is beginning to green up and there's definitely more colour than last month. There are also some little weed seedlings already in evidence and that lamium has started to walk already! I have planted a couple of small hellebores to add to the three that are already in there and am debating whether to slip in a couple more. I was hoping to tidy away all the debris from last year, remove a rather large stray rose seedling and to divide a couple of plants this week but the weather is conspiring against me. In the meantime a clearer idea about replanting and rejeuvenating this border is slowly emerging in my head. In the meantime some close ups of some of its occupants ~


  1. There is definitely more green in my garden too but alas not much colour now the crocuses have died back; plenty of yellow from the daffodils and forsythia though. Lots of rain and wind today - not pleasant at all. Hopefully the weekend will be better!

    Have a great Easter Anna.

    Jeanne x

  2. Anna, that first closeup, is it Brunnera? If it is, what variety? I have Mr. Morse, but this one is very beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  3. My daffodils are coming now and the hellebores are still going strong. Just need to see a bit more from the pulmonaria but there is a general sense of things starting to fill out a bit, at least there was until this dratted snow came.

  4. I am `concerned now that the heat that's coming may finish off all of thelovely daffodils that are blooming. Oh well, short time ago we were worried about snow!


  5. Beautiful post, you have such lovely growth.

  6. Hi Anna~~ I'm enjoying your new blog layout. And then there's those blooming beauties you've captured so skillfully. Don't you love how the creative process slowly emerges? And with it comes this push to get out and get 'er done? Sorry about the weather. Same thing here but at least we can officially say, "APRIL showers bring May flowers."

  7. There is definitely more green than in February of January. I looking forward seeing April (or even May photo) as I’m guessing that those ones will show big change.

  8. You can really see the difference when you're taking photo's month by month. It's now looking as though it's just waiting to spring into life. I love the pink hellebore, I really must get some for my garden.

  9. It's so lovely when signs of new life start emerging, and your hellebores are lovely Not sure about this weather though - had to light the greenhouse heater again last night!

  10. Hi Anna

    Thanks for joining in again this month. I have got my post up, bit late in the day I know but life and weather got in the way!

    Seems like you are doing as much head scratching as I am trying to decide what to do with certain areas

    Looks good though already


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