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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

St Patrick's Day Plans



I always find it hard to imagine that these rather innocuous shriveled seeds will turn into lush and green plants, hopefully producing oh most tender and sweet peas this summer ~

Tomorrow is St.Patrick's Day which is the traditional day for sowing peas and I will be making a start in the greenhouse with 'Kelvedon Wonder'. I will sow them in cells and will take them down to the allotment to plant when it is a bit warmer.

Other varieties I plan to sow this year include 'Carouby de Maussane' (mange tout) and 'Hurst Green Shaft'. Meanwhile an autumn sowing of 'Douce Provenance' has overwintered in the greenhouse. Some have perished during this cold winter but there are enough survivors for a small and an early crop, which will be most appreciated ~

As well as pea sowing St.Patrick's Day always sticks in my mind as it is also the anniversary of my first 'date' with himself :) You can find lots more posts on the letter I to inspire you over at ABC Wednesday.


  1. Hi Anna Isn't it fun being able to start planting again.
    Have a lovely St Patrick's day anniversary with himself tomorrow.

  2. Oh, sweet peas are my favorite. They have such a heady fragrance.
    Have a wonderful time with "himself" tomorrow.

  3. Wonderful post, Anna, and lovely photos! I think everyone is excited about the spring this year since it has been such a long, cold winter! And all the more exciting when there are gardens to be planted! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  4. Hi Anna, It's always nice to have a cuppa when planting, so long as one doesn't spill any soil into it (ahem). Megabus is a cheap bus service (follow the link and see!). It actually started in the UK and you also have megatrain there. Chicago is about 200 miles/a four-hour drive away from Ann Arbor. That's not too far in US distances.

  5. Wow intresting, I thought Paddy's Day was just for drinking! Thanks for the info. Happy Paddy's day from Ireland

  6. Nice post. Can't wait for the green to start here.

    On the behalf of ABC Wed. team thanks for playing.

  7. I'm surronded by green for most of the year, but not a Sweet Pea in sight.

  8. Peas are the most wonderful of fresh vegetables, mouth meltingly delicious. Your little baby ones are too sweet. And a very happy first date anniversary to you both.

  9. I'm sure it was a "festive" first date! Congratulations and enjoy!

    Hey, I clicked on pic with the mug to see what the other thing was - a garden radio? How cute is that??

    Anyway, have fun tomorrow. :)

  10. One of my favorite veggies. Great post. Happy Wednesday!

    I is for Icicles

  11. Anna dear!! I'm loving your new digs. So bright and fresh and still my favorite color: green. I'm surprised to see that it's powered by Blogger. I assumed it was Wordpress. You've done a fabulous job. I bet it was a lot of fun.

    And what a fabulous bunch of innocuous seed you've got there. It won't be long before you're posting photos of the plants and flowers and peas.

    Congrats on your first date anniversary. I'm glad to see Hubby and I aren't the only ones with this sentimentality.

  12. I so love gardening!

    Just want to wish you HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

    Have you a great one!



    Oscar Wilde-The IRISH Gentleman


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  14. I know that it's traditional to plant potatoes on St. Patrick's Day, as well as on Good Friday, but I didn't know about the tradition for sowing peas. I was a little ahead of myself as my peas are already in loo rolls in the greenhouse waiting to be planted out. There's nothing like the taste of peas popped straight from the pod.

  15. Hi Anna

    Looks like you have perfect pea sowing weather for the next few days.

    Spring 'proper' kicks off.

  16. Hope you had fun getting the seeds planted. It's fun when the seed planting begins.
    Happy first date day.

  17. What a good reminder! I shall sow some peas tomorrow. Love the new look of your blog.

  18. Great tradition. I love meaningful traditions.

  19. It’s definitely time for sowing peas, but I didn’t know that its connected to St. Patrick’s. This will be easy to remember.
    I hope to sow my peas directly in the garden sometime next week.


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