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Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Gift

Time in the garden and the allotment has been precious during the last few days, especially as I have been away from home unexpectedly. In my absence a long awaited spell of warmth has really spurred on growth. Whilst my back was turned all sorts of flowers have suddenly unfolded from nowhere, faster than the speed of light. I have spent a most pleasant and calming evening just pottering about checking out the openings, squidging the dreaded greenfly which have appeared on my tomato plants as well as trying to keep up unsuccesfully with the potting on. Last task of the day and the most pleasant was trying to decide where to plant a couple of cortusa matthioli - a gift from Patient Gardener. As far as I am concerned plant gifts are the best gifts of all and I will certainly treasure these plants which were just showing colour last time I peeked at them and now look!


  1. Glad you like the Cortusa, mine are flowering nicely as well

  2. This weather has certainly brought many plants in to bloom. I love pottering in the garden on an evening, it just seems so peaceful at that time of day.

  3. I can’t agree more: best gifts are plant gifts, because I just keep on enjoying them...
    We have had a week of rain, followed by few sunny days, so all flowers are in bloom. Weeds are also there.

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  5. Lovely Cortusa Anna.

    The light summer evenings are ideal for pottering ... and watering ... and weeding ... which I have done a lot of this weekend!


  6. What a nice flower and gift. Hope the unexpected things keeping you from the garden are good things.

  7. Hi Anna, Lovely photo and I like your term, "pottering about." Since I haven't visited for awhile, I found the tulip post very enjoyable and that "q" photo exquisite.

    Happy Spring!


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