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Thursday, 13 May 2010

'Tip -Toe Through The Tulips'

Whilst at the Malvern Show I was keeping my eyes open for tulips at the invitation of an absent fellow blogger Shirley to a tulip photo fest. As I wondered round the floral marquee I espied these ~

these ~

this combination which really appealed to me ~

these ~

and then there were these beauties ~

featuring the most delicately coloured pastel frothy tulip 'Shirley' ~

The tulip odyssey continued on our way home so part two to follow very shortly. Do watch the You Tube clip if you have time (gentle chuckles in store) and make sure that you visit Shirl's Garden Watch where you can linger over more tulip posts.


  1. I took a photo of the Shirley tulips and thought at the time that means something but what is it? At the same time I was thinking I must take photos of tulips for Shirl - sad I know, brain dead. Love the YouTube clip

  2. Hi Anna, what a lovely collection of tulips, thank you for sharing. I have never been to Malvern or Chelsea so it's lovely to see the photos. It looks like a huge sweet shop of flowers, I don't think I could ever pick a favourite!

  3. Lovely tulips! Especialy the deep crimson with the pink.

    Have a great weekend Anna.


  4. There's certainly a tulip for everyone there, so many different colours. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite.

  5. Tulips go from the downright 'blingy' to the sublime. 'Shirley' is the latter.

  6. What a visual feast! Thanks! The color combinations are delightful.

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  8. Hi again Anna, to say I’m embarrassed on missing this posting is one huge understatement. There are excuses but I’m not hiding behind them.

    Thanks so much for joining in such a tip top fashion… complete with entertainment and my namesake in the tulip world. I love this posting :-D

    In the real world (although you now know bloggers are real people lol) I am in fact know as Shirley and not shirl. Hence I have one small group of Shirley tulips (only one appears now) as a birthday gift from a close friend. Thank-you for looking out for this variety at the show :-D

    I’ll take a guess by another pic (another post) that your first photo (maybe all of them) might be from the Bloms display. It was their display at Cambo House where I took my close-up photos and this tulip fest came about.

    I was given Paul at Bloms email and I asked him for details of his stand number etc (for bloggers going) and he said he’d send me it and some photos but I guess it got a bit hectic for him. Would take another guess that he went to Chelsea too so sending pics to me would have been well down the list. That’s completely okay. It was nice of him to mail me at all :-)

    A lovely set of tulip displays, Anna. Sounds like everyone had a great time at Malvern too. I’ve been trying to catch up on posts and I see VP, Helen and Victoria went on to Chelsea too… must catch up with their posts and TV coverage I’ve taped. Main TV I’ve been watching is from our nestbox :-D

    You must have been delighted to get the chance to meet so many bloggers. I can easily suspect that with so many there you would have had short spells to get to know some and longer with others. I’ll not ask for fav meets ;-)

    Best wishes, Shirley xo


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