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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Still on Tippy Toes

One more treat lay in store after the Malvern Spring Gardening Show and fortunately though still unseasonably cold the rain held off. As I don't do motorways (become even more of a gibbering wreck of a passenger) we traveled home via the A49 as usual. If you do not mind getting stuck behind the odd slow moving tractor this is a most enjoyable route taking you through some most pleasant countryside. There are some county towns en route which are great fun to explore including the country market towns of Ludlow and Shrewsbury. Not so far away though from where we stayed and perfectly positioned for lunch were the gardens at Hampton Court.

This was our second visit in May and I noticed that the garden was definitely running behind last year, when the tulips were already going over. This year they were looking quite splendid so with Shirl's Tulip Photo Fest in mind I was pleased to see these beauties ~

Pretty in various shades of pink ~

and some egg yolky yellows ~

Having walked round the gardens we headed off for lunch where who should we meet in the restuarant but none other than the 'Fab Five' ~ what a small world! Fortified by leek and potato soup at the recommendation of Patient Gardener, we headed back through the garden where we heard the Five's dulcet tones and giggles from deep within the maze. I believe that they have since escaped so no need to launch a search party I most relieved to say.


  1. I loved the tulips too, esp the ones in front of the willow woven fence which seem to be appearing on quite a few blogs at the moment!!

  2. We drove home to London via the A44 to Oxford, which was a lovely route, right through the Cotswolds.
    I don't have a problem with motorways, but I find the A roads much more relaxing. And you've got time to admire the scenery. Hang on a minute, that's because you can SEE the scenery.

  3. You've certainly had your tulip fix this year. I like the colour combination in the top two photos.

  4. It was a nice suprise to run into you at Hampton Court that day Anna. Glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. The soup too, I see. ;-)

  5. All my tulips have faded long ago, so this is a real treat for me, Anna. What a display of beautiful colors in this and your last post! You should repeat this post again in the fall to remind us all to get out there and plant more bulbs:)

    I've been reading a few of the Malvern posts; what fun you all must have had! Glad you met up with the "Fab Five" at the restaurant; it looks as though you all had a wonderful day in spite of the rain and cold.

  6. The tulips are so pretty around the willow fence. The color combination is really nice.
    Sounds like you all had a really fun time together.

  7. Sounds like a memorable trip for all of you.

  8. The tulips have been stunning this year haven't they Anna. Love the pretty pink ones and the willow fence is an unusual touch.

    You've been enjoying some wonderful garden trips topped off with Hampton Court which I love. Mind you, mention of lovely Ludlow and Shrewsbury has me reaching for the B&B guide!


  9. I like all the natural material fencing and supports. I'm also a big fan of the scenic route. Unfortunately the US is so huge, you sometimes have to take highways or you lose so much time.

  10. Hi there Anna, gosh so very sorry… I thought I had commented on your tulip fest blogs. I had read some on my phone at the time. I do appreciate you joining in. It seems to have been a great year for tulips :-D

    Like Helen, I have seen this wicker display around other blogs. I love the angles you have taken your shots with. I particularly like the colours in that part of the display too. The pink ones look pretty for the borders too. I’m off now to check if I’ve commented on your other posts. I see there is one I missed completely… sincere apologies there.

    BTW this won’t happen again. Just added you to my blog roll! Wishing you a great weekend :-D


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