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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Angel's Hair


Once the festive season is done and dusted himself and I usually start discussing holidays. When I say discussing I mean so at great length. The process usually turns out to be an epic saga of earnest debate, maps and guides overload as well as some minor spats before we come to a satisfactory conclusion. It is often well into the new year before we make any decisions, sometimes only a few weeks before we are due to depart. This year was no exception to the rule. The dilemma seems to be that my ideal holiday features the coast and garden visiting, whilst himself has a yen for mountains and architecture. This year we both comprised ~ our destination was the Loire Valley, where there are both grand gardens and chateaux in abundance. We both agreed after the event that our choice more than lived up to our expectations. The most exciting and exhilarating day of the holiday for me was a visit to the annual international garden festival at Chaumont - sur - Loire.  The above photo is of the most exceptional exhibit in my eyes which was entitled 'Cheveux d'Anges'. This translates as 'Angel's Hair'. I still have to post in length about this visit. I have made a start several times but have agonised over which photos to include. I will do so though before we decide on where to venture forth in 2011! 

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  1. Dear Anna, I am so glad you were able to arrive at a satisfactory compromise. Angel Hair is quite the spectacle, mossy Tillandsia hovering above the perfect. :-)
    May 2011 be just as wonderful!

  2. To have so many beautiful choices within reasonable travel distance is exciting! I am sure 2011 will be full of grand adventures. :)

  3. My, the holidays allegedly are Xciting, but sometimes the stress is Xhausting!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I'm excited for you and your husband having come to a fun compromise! I really look forward to seeing lots of pics when your return!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a wonderful trip!! Love the Angel Hair!!


  5. Wherever you end up on your holidays I hope you have a happy and interesting time, and that the new year brings you good health and much pleasure.

  6. Enjoy your holidays and this photo is lovely. Looking forward to many more.

  7. My wife and I discuss at length where we would like to go because we also are looking for different things plus we have 12 year old to consider. We almost always have a great vacation as a result so I think the process works.

  8. What a glorious scene that is! I'm happy you got to go there (so I could see it) :) Happy New Year!

  9. It is so good that your expectations were met. A truly blessed holiday season for you and your husband. BTW, I'm following you now.

    ABC Wednesday Team

  10. Liked it Anna. Really good post for X.

  11. Well, that certainly does look eXtraordinary! If I'm ever in France I might have to go find that!

    Yes, I guess it is time to work out travel plans, isn't it?

  12. Your description of your holiday negotiations made me laugh! Hope you reach a good compromise again for this year. That "Angel Hair" exhibit really is extraordinary...

  13. Sounds like the perfect holiday! I hope you'll share more photos of this beautiful garden.

  14. My husband and I are always looking for compromises between mountains and gardening destinations. It sounds like you found a perfect solution for your combination of desires. Happy New Year!


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