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Monday, 13 December 2010

Embracing New Technology

I first discovered the magazine 'The English Garden' whilst waiting for a train connection at Nuneaton Railway Station of all places. This was back in the spring of 1997 and I can still remember my heart ~ skippy joy at discovering this brand new gardening magazine, which was very different to other contemporary publications. It made the hour or so I had to wait fly past, although keeping hold of the magazine was a major challenge, as the high speed trains shot past, leaving a hurricane like drag in their wake.

The magazine was published bi-monthly for the first year before becoming a monthly in May 1998. Since then I have purchased every copy which now fill a large wicker basket. Sooner or later I will be getting rid of this collection, preferably to a good home if I can find anybody who would like such an inheritance.  In the meantime as part of a major life de - cluttering effort, I have surprised myself by taking out a two year digital subscription to the magazine. I did this after much deliberation - the deciding factor was the financial incentive to do so. My subscription started instantly with the December edition. An email reminder arrived last week to advise that the January 2011 edition is now online. I realised that I already have a backlog to catch up on - so some things never change!


  1. Hi Anna, This is my favorite magazine of all time - posted on it a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know it was available online - maybe just in the U.K.? Good luck with the backlog - I know the feeling :)

  2. A digital subscription - that sounds intriguing, might be better for me as could read at lunchtime on work PC. I will investigate.

    As for the archive you have, you would be surprised how they are snapped up for 50p at the gardeners market that my local CGS used to do, as were Gardens Illustrated but not Gardeners World or The Garden. Interesting!

  3. I'll be interested ti hear how you get on Anna. I believe I already spend too much time online and I wonder if my online 'unread pile' would get even bigger than the one currently at the side of my bed ;)

  4. Interesting that you have a digital subscription Anna - I enjoy the English garden but I also enjoy the actual feel of holding a magazine, yet the idea of less clutter in my sitting room is also very appealing ...
    Food for thought

  5. Good idea.

    I wonder how we'll be reading stuff in ten years from now. Top selling product on Amazon is the kindle.

  6. Anna, I love The English Garden magazine and for several years now my clever OH has purchased a subscription on my behalf as part of my Christmas present. I like the feel of a magazine in my hands and still get a frisson of excitement when it pops through the letterbox each month. I will certainly check this out though as my aim is to de-clutter my life as much as possible. Magazines do take up a lot of room....


  7. An online subscription is definitely the 'greener' option, but I do like to have a magazine or book to hold. Certainly food for thought though.

  8. I love this magazine also and happily traded in Garden Design for The English Garden instead. I tend to love a good magazine that I can sit at a table with or in my favorite chair. I work on the computer all day and have enough of it! This is also why I cherish books and paper. But I do love going online if there are more photos of beautiful gardens featured in the articles.

  9. I'm trying to decide whether, if I had a subscription to an online magazine, whether I'd read more or less of it.


  10. On-line sounds grand on the face of it, but I do like to be able to cut pics out for future reference. Then again, I could do that digitally and save myself from yet more paper-based clutter... I may have to check this out...


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