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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Garden Bloggers Muse Day ~ December 2010.

" I heard a bird sing
  A magical thing
  And sweet to remember.

  We are nearer to spring
  Than we were in September,
  I heard a bird sing
  In the dark of December'

~ Oliver Herford, 1863 -1935 - ' I Heard A Bird Sing'

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  1. Very lovely words and photo of your primrose. It is a good way to think . . . we are closer to spring than in September.

  2. a very sweet colour for a flower. so soothing that we want to keep looking for a few seconds longer... Cheers ~bangchik

  3. That's a good way to look at it, spring being closer now than it was in September. What a gorgeous coloured primrose.

  4. I love this choice of poem, Anna! When we've over 2 feet of snow, (which is very beautiful!) it's still good to know that each day we are closer to spring!!

  5. A very comforting thought, Anna--as the temperature dips lower and lower here, I will remember that it's only a few short months until spring, and I'll see some primroses in my garden, too. I've seen reports of all the snow in the UK--I hope you're staying warm!

  6. A wonderful selection, Anna. Thanks for joining in Muse Day.

  7. Hi Anna, A lovely poem with an incredible double primrose - that's a rarity here. Thanks again for the catching the Van Dyke error! Hope you're staying warm and snug too.

  8. Hi Anna, A very heartening poem for the dark of December here in the great white north where it is dark when I leave and dark when I return. That's why I get out nearly everyday for a noon walk. Must have sun!

    Of course, pretty beeswax candles and a glass of wine with hubby in the evening helps too. :)

  9. beautiful lavander flower.

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