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Monday, 27 December 2010

Some Seasonal Silliness

The space between Christmas and the New Year is one of my favourite times of the year ~ the drawbridge is up, the larder is well stocked and there seems to be endless time to browse through the seed catalogues, make a start on Christmas books, indulge in Scrabble marathons and pour over giant crosswords ~ oh what bliss. So in keeping with the season,here is a little quiz to tease your grey matter ~ this like my recent post featuring a guide to etiquette at the bird table, was unearthed as I  continue to declutter. It featured in our garden club newsletter some time ago. The answers to all the questions are names of plants, flowers, herbs etc.

1) Wise old man
2) Without a dance partner
3) In perfect condition
4) Harlequin's sweetheart
5) It's in the eye
6) Fictional hotel proprietor (first name)
7) Elizabeth has been active
8) Wordsworth sung its praises
9) Prickly Christmas evergreen meets a German wine
10)Did Chaucer's pilgrims hear these when they ended their journey? (plural)
11) A company of animals or birds
12) Romance bloomed in the foggy weather
13) A motionless insect usually busy
14) The girl would share your tandem if you sung to her
15) The truth be told
16) The Universe
17) Mother sprinted like this on sports day
18) Amour, prone and haemorrhaging
19) Head cover worn by monastery's inhabitants
20) A floral fiddle
21) It would smell as sweet by any other name ?
22) This girl has been in a fight
23) Daughter of Zeus and Hera?
24) Ms. Ledward may grow this in her garden
25) Bear's Breeches

In the spirit of the season there will be a small prize for the first set of correct answers to be pulled out of a plant pot or whatever I can lay my hands on. Answers should be emailed to me at before midnight on 6th January 2011.

For the winner a copy of Elspeth's Thompson's 'The Wonderful Weekend Book' which includes many ideas for enjoying the simple pleasures of life!


  1. I totally agree Anna. Love this week. The OH is off work and my contracts can all wait until the New Year. Perfect time for a little hibernation interspersed with bracing walks, a trip to the cinema (the latest Narnia Chronicle) and a drive out to an antique fair.

    Will get my thinking cap on for the quiz - what a great idea.

  2. Very frustrating. Whiz down most - haven't a clue about a few. (Or rather, you've given a clue but I don't 'get' it!)

    Happy in-between-season!


  3. I think I figured out about 3. This does seem like a fun quiz and I'll have to work on it.

  4. I love this week too! I like to review the year and relish the highlights of it, and make goals for the next year. And read my favourite books from childhood. This year does seem to have a particularly magical feel to it too.

    The quiz looks fun! I'm hopeless at quizzes, but a garden one might just be feasible!!

  5. I have always loved this week as much as any part of the holiday. Unfortunately I have to work three days this week. But we've had snow here and two wonderful days of sitting by the fire, short walks in the snow, good books and movies, and catching up on some blog reading.


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