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Monday, 30 January 2012

Calendar Girls ~ January 2012

Although there is no doubt that the autumn and winter months have their serious downsides they do have their silver linings. One of these is more leisurely internet browsing time which can yield new blogs to explore. Here are one or two that I have come across in recent months which are now becoming regular ports of call ~

The first is a blog with a delightful name which just rolls off your tongue ~ 'Wellywoman'. Hailing from wet South Wales, where wellies are often needed to wade through all the puddles, Wellywoman is a keen gardener and a fairly new allotmenteer who writes thought provoking, humorous and informative posts She grows from seed without the luxury of a greenhouse, has highlighted a few more books for me to read as well as sharing some tasty recipes. I am now addicted to butter beans and leeks! Recent posts have included observations on gardening as a career, hints and tips on growing sweet peas and a fascinating post on seaweed and its uses/benefits in our gardens and allotment plots.

My second calendar girl for January is Urban Veg Patch. Caro is one of The York Rise Growers from North London, whose "vision is to create a beautiful community space for growing herbs, veg and fruit". Again she is keen on growing from seed and shares some beautiful photography on her blog. Caro may well yet be responsible for leading me in the direction of another addition - that of Pinterest which she described in a most tempting fashion in a recent post.

If you have not already come across these blogs I urge you to visit as soon as you. I intend to make 'Calendar Girls' (or boys) a regular fixture from now on perhaps nearer to the start of the month. Have you come across any new to you blogs recently?


  1. These are blogs which I regularly visit too. I like the idea of making Calendar Girls (or boys) a regular feature, it's always good to be introduced to new blogs. A blog which I've recently discovered is Allotment Adventures of Plot 58.

    Stacy got his allotment last year, and as he's a chef, I'm looking forward to seeing what he makes from his produce.

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for the mention. I'm glad to hear you like my blog. When I started I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in my ramblings so it is nice to find out I'm not writing a load of twaddle!!! I agree that the winter period has been a great time to get to know other blogs. It has certainly made the winter go that bit faster for me. Best wishes, Wellywoman

  3. Oh thank you Anna! That was such a lovely surprise when I turned to your blog to read your latest post and saw the pic of (and link to) my blog! It's a brilliant idea and I'll look forward to seeing which other blogs you recommend.
    P.S. I also love reading Welly's blog! Caro x

  4. I enjoy these blogs too. But I'm getting to the point where there are just too many great blogs and I keep adding to my list and take even longer to read and comment. I'm afraid I hadn't looked at your blog for some time Anna. I'm going for a meander...

  5. Brilliant idea Anna and nice way to feature others without an award!

  6. Excellent choices, both of them - I hope they get as much of a traffic boost as your mention of my blog last year gave me.


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