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Tuesday 24 January 2012

January Sales

Going about my business about this morning, hood well over head to protect myself from the incessant drizzle, I was still not sufficiently incognito to be recognised by a fellow garden club member. We stopped for a brief chat, during which I was shown her purchase from the local high street florist. The word sale was mentioned so I just had to pop in to the shop for a reccie. I was delighted that I did. I came out clutching a maidenhair fern for 50p - my first horticultural bargain of the year. My track record with houseplants is slowly improving. I have now managed to keep an African violet alive for almost three years so I am keen to have a few more indoor specimens. Where it is going to go I'm not quite sure but at the price I simply had no choice but to liberate it from the shelf. Once in the shop I was captivated and had to have a good look round. I could not resist a pot of instant spring colour. This oh most prettily wrapped pot of 'Tete a Tete' daffodils will be a perfect replacement for the hyacinths that occupied my blue pot over the festive season.

Have you snaffled up a bargain in the January sales? Do confess - they say it's good for the soul.


  1. I found packs of lime green gladioli on offer last weekend - 4 for £15, so got 2 for me and 2 for a friend!

    I find maidenhair ferns tend to dry out with me (prob due to my erratic watering!) and then they appear dead but I have brought 2 back from that apparant death by a severe haircut and a spell outside. I'm sure you'll look after yours much better though!

  2. Hello Anna I am not sure I have been to your blog before but will be shopping AT ALL for me after christmas.....spending all garden money on boring but essential stump grinding. Catharine

  3. I must get some Tete a Tete's, they're great little pick me ups. The only houseplants I have are a couple of orchids, they're so easy to keep and don't need watering more than once a week so even I can manage that. I don't think I'd have resisted that maidenhair fern though at that price.

  4. Hi Anna,

    I picked up some bargains a few weeks ago at the dreaded Dobbies!
    A few plants for £1, some for £2 and £3. Compared to their usual prices there was no way I was passing up on those!

    (posting using blogger since it's still not recognising wordpress - gee what a surprise. grrr)

  5. Anna:
    Your maidenhair is most delightful! They make wonderful indoor plants! The pot of daffs.... I came close to picking up a pot a week ago but had to focus on a grow medium that will keep my Cyp's happy over the winter. Once they are out of danger's way, I will focus on some Spring colour!

  6. I'm very envious of that maidenhair fern. I did get some tulips from the bargain bucket in the supermarket. Their sale date was that day and they were marked down from 3.99 to 99p, they were still tightly in bud so I got them. That was 8 days ago and they still look good. I'm sending this as an anonymous profile because I'm having problems posting comments on blogspot blogs at the moment. Wellywoman

  7. Not found any bargains yet but your fern looks good enough to eat.
    I had some Tete a Tetes in flower over Christmas they really did cheer the place up. At the moment I have hyacinths indoors 3 in a pot, two are full size the other is a stump - looks ridiculous.

  8. Good luck with the fern! My green fingers turn black when it comes to houseplants. I've not even ordered my seed potatoes yet, so sorry, no bargains or guilty buys to confess.


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