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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - March 2012

I have been waiting for the murk and mistiness to disappear and the temperatures to rise before venturing out into the garden - have given up at on the last score. The promised sunshine has not materialised so the temperature is floating around eight degrees centigrade. It has been grey, still and dry for days seemingly - I think ancient sailors might have declared that we are in the doldrums.

I missed out on GBMD last March but if I recollect correctly growth was as not as advanced at the same stage as it this year. Today I have been startled to see that the first flower open on a geranium phaeum, to see slivers of blue on brunnera and a small white heart just beginning to unfurl on a dicentra specatablis. Yes I know that the latter has had a change of name thrust on it but can't get myself to use it - it does not trip off the tongue easily or is attractive enough for this plant. The foliage on the dicentra seems rather stunted - maybe down to the recent distinct lack of the wet stuff.

 As usual the main stars of my garden at this time are hellebores with more waiting to be planted in the wings. There are also little daffs, primroses and pulmonarias. Then there is the little ornamental cherry - prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai', which himself bought me as a belated Valentine's Day present to replace the one that I had killed off. I was delighted when this first oh so thoughtfully came into flower on 10th March, which is the anniversary of our first ever kiss. I have a feeling that this usually peaks in April but have a feeling that that my new plant may well have been bought on under cover. I'm not complaining though.

As always a special thanks to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens  whose brilliant idea it was to share our blooms in the middle of each month.


  1. Hi Anna,

    Lovely photos and nice to see so much going on. Sorry to hear you've been having poor weather??! Here it's hazy but very hot, today we've been melting in the office! Reaching the mid-teens which isn't that hot but is sure felt it in the sun.
    I noticed when looking at photos last night that my Brunnera is also in bloom, although I don't have any closer shots of it yet.

  2. Loving the brunnera and the geranium - its nice to see some blues with all the pinks!

    Its been gloriously sunnet here most this week, although I am told that the doldrums arrive here tomorrow which isnt ideal as we have 3 ton of top soil being delivered, and suspect we will be barrowing it in the rain.

    Hope the Spring weather hits you soon x

  3. That's early for the geranium. The cherry blossom is beautiful.

  4. I adore hellebores - yours are beautiful. Can't quite believe you've got a gernanium in flower, it's crazy!

  5. I love the foliage on your brunnera. I spotted the first tiny flowers of self sown forget-me-not in our borders this week too, but they are just the common green-leaved variety.
    Amazing to see your geraniums already beginning to flow, and sounds like your dicentra are a little ahead of ours, which are still pushing up tiny green curled firsts.

  6. Anna, the prunus blossom is beautiful - a mass of flowers! I have a relatively new prunus kanzan which had 3 flowers last year... by the look of the buds, I'll see a few more this year!

  7. I hope you've got better weather today, it's gloriously sunny here, though I believe there's rain forecast for later. It's nice to see so much interest in your garden, everything springing back in to life. I shall have to go and check on my dicentra, though I don't think it's anywhere near ready to bloom yet.

  8. My Kojo-no-mai is just opening its flowers so yours isnt that far ahead although I cant remember when it flowered last year! We have been in the doldrums this week as well, no sun at all. It was looking like it might try to be sunny at home this morning but at work this lunchtime it is definitely not sunny and we have rain forecast for the weekend which is a mixed blessing

  9. The weather's been miserable here all week. Fog and low cloud and not very warm, such a contrast to the weekend. Still your flowers are looking beautiful. I can't believe you've got flowers on your geranium phaeum, will have to go out and check mine. Your cherry is beautiful, what a great Valentines gift. My cherry succumbed to canker 2 years ago. I still miss it every spring.

  10. How lovely to see your brunnera about to bloom! We have had lots of sunshine and unseasonably warm days recently, but my brunnera is just starting to poke out of the ground. But I am enjoying my hellebores, too; they're such a welcome sight at this time of year. The blossoms on your new ornamental cherry are beautiful--what a thoughtful gift!


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