greentapestry : Wordless Wednesday ~ 7th March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ 7th March 2012

Auricula theatre at The Dower House Garden, Morville, Shropshire (10th April 2011) ~ home of Katherine Swift, author of 'The Morville Year' and 'The Morville Hours'.


  1. I'm smitten - what a gorgeous image and I MUST have some auriculars - perhaps not such a grand theatre, perhaps just two shelves to start.

  2. How lovely - never had much luck with Auriculas myself - but they are very special to look at. I really enjoyed reading The Morville Hours, I am waiting for her other book to come out in paperback - a wonderful garden.

  3. Nice Campanula clinging to the wall too.

    Wasn't there a Victorian fad for having the theatre backing painted black?

  4. Such a pretty setting. I love auriculas but I've never grown them myself, I might just treat myself to a couple and see how they do.

  5. My auriculas are looking a bit frazzled at the moment - hopefully they will pick up - I have never been to the Dower House and Morville is not to far from me - I must look it up - Jane

  6. I love all those old flower pots stacked up everywhere!

  7. Love this photo, such a good idea and yet so simple!

  8. Wow. Total EYE CANDY. Just gorgeous.

  9. Great photo!
    I especially like the ivy arch.
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's menagerie

  10. A lovely image, look forward to seeing more of this garden, and hearing your impressions, after reading so much.


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