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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Just A Bit Of Housework


  1. A great shot of that cute wee bird.

  2. I like the way some Robins are tame enough to keep you company whilst gardening :)

  3. A lovely photo, Anna. Robins are such cute little birds.

  4. (your photo was stolen from you? Share the story, and the solution??) Sadly there is an odd mindset, it's there, I can take it, so I do. Pretty picture I picked up on the interwebz. G offers a nice search by image tool, where you can track down the Owner of the 'pretty picture'. Sorry, one of my grumblegrowl rants!

    Was going to copy and paste but there's miles of it! Copy image URL to G search, then it says helpfully try 'search by image'.

  5. Great close up shot - - they're not so easy to spot once the trees have leaves.

  6. A great photo. My resident robin has been bouncing around the garden these last few weeks. But he's just to shy for photos!


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