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Monday, 26 January 2009

Feeling Rosy

Oh look at what arrived in the post today ! Well truth be told it did not look quite like the above specimen, but more like this :

A muddy polythene bag containing some rather forlorn looking thorny twigs. I always feel that I have taken a gamble buying a a bare root rose. Maybe it is the terminology. I Will this squidgy morass really grow into the stunning rose I saw on a perfect summer day last July? In an earlier post this month I described the unexpected visit we made to Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire. Here I would have been perfectly happy to take root in the Queens Garden until the gardens closed for the day. Himself could have kept me fed and watered, and I would have been in seventh heaven gazing at a stunning collection of roses, many of them deliciously fragrant. Himself had other ideas and dragged me off to see other areas of the gardens and castle. However it was to the Queens Garden I returned before we left with camera and notebook in hand.

I must have fallen in love with fifty or so roses that day but this was the one that I kept returning to. She is Rosa 'Felicite Parmentier', described with obvious affection and in more detail here.

I believe that it will probably take four years or so for this rose to get established, but I think that she will be worth the wait. In the same parcel was another rose destined for the allotment but more of her soon. I wonder who else will be planting roses this year ?


  1. The rose pix are lovely. Space limits my rose collection. My garden buddy has a 'Double Delight' that I'm lusting over. I've tried to grow this until the blackspot gets the better of me and I yank the whole thing. Still, those flowers are to die for and the fragrance. I might just give it another go.

  2. Lovely rose Anna.
    It is always quite strange when bare rooted plants arrive and look like nothing much more than some twigs and roots. It always amazes me when they grow into something beautiful.

  3. Glorious rose - makes me feel like going out to get one RIGHT NOW! I don't have many roses but adore them, so maybe...

    P x

  4. Oh what fun! I love how nondescript twigs manage to transform themselves into something so lovely. That's the magic of gardening :)

  5. What a beautiful photo and Rose. I love them as well. Have you visited the Rose gardens in Hampton Court Palace ? we go there often during the summer and especially in June when the Roses start to bloom. Don't forget to post photo's as it develops.

  6. I wish I could work up some enthusiasm for a rose, any rose. It's not that I don't appreciate their beauty in someone else's garden, it's just that I've never felt compelled to deal with growing one myself.

  7. I love roses. They look so pretty and romantic! And some of them smell heavenly! Good luck to you and your roses. I know you live in the right country for growing them.
    Of course we grow roses here in Canada, but I haven't had much luck.

  8. Hi Anna and thank you for visit, do come again as you are most welcome.
    I adore this rose you are showing us today and they said it smells like music, wow. Thank you for that link by the way, although it could be very expensive. I like your blog and I will link to your Green tapestry Anna, pleased to 'meet' you/ Tyra

  9. Hi Anna, good luck with the new rose although I'm sure you won't need any luck. It looks a very nice rose and I reckon it will have an equally nice scent to it as well. Bob.

  10. It's a beautiful rose. Bare rooted plants do look very uninspiring I admit. Good luck getting it established!

  11. Felicite Parmentier is a dream. Your photo does a wonderful job of capturing her beauty. The barefoot rose will do fine. :) I've had good luck with them.

  12. I know just what mean about space limiting your collection Grace. I think that you have talked yourself into having another go with 'Double Delight'. I hope that you have better luck this time round.

    I am amazed too Karen and have been looking at itthis afternoon willing to see signs of life :)

    Pam, I don't have many roses - can't be doing with all those thorns but I just had to have this one - it had my name on it :)

    You could not have put it better VP - it is part of the 'magic' of gardening.

    I have never visited the gardens at Hampton Court Palace Mo but maybe one of these days ....
    I will try to remember to update on her progress later this year. I hope to see at least one flower :)

    Monica, I can quite understand - there are some plants that I am happy to admire but just would not be compelled to plant :)

    The scent was the deciding factor Wendy. Hope that your luck with roses improves

    Welcome Dreadnought, Tyra, easygardener and sweet bay and thanks so much for your comments.

    The scent does match up to the flower Dreadnought, or should it be the other way round :)

    I hope that I don't lead you astray Tyra :)

    Uninspiring is one way of putting it Easygardener - at the moment it looks more dead than alive :)

    Thanks for the good luck wish sweet bay - I think that I will need it !


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