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Monday, 19 January 2009

Food for Thought

Perfect contemplation for a cold and sleety January day has been this challenge being posed by Shirl at Shirls Gardenwatch blog. I only have one definite up to now, so much more ruminating ahead !


  1. Hi there Anna :-)

    Thanks so much for spreading the word! Great stuff. Looking forward to your posting on Thursday :-D

  2. Just three?!?!?! Well, I'd have to say a white pine, single hollyhocks (as in, not double blooms), and pansies. (I'm now scared to look my other 2,345 (approximately) plants in the face!).

  3. You are welcome Shirl. It was great fun and I really enjoyed visiting some new to me blogs. Thank you :)

    I know what you mean Monica - I hope that the ones that we did not choose are offended. I have never heard of a white pine. Will have to look it up. I like pansies and hollyhocks too - great cottage garden plants.

    It did get me thinking Cheryl. My head is still hurting :)


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