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Saturday, 10 January 2009

'The Leaving of Liverpool'

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This evening sees Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture coming to an end with a singsong and fireworks by the waterfront. Liverpool will officially hand over the mantle to Linz, Austria, during the event. Elsewhere in the city, a number of cultural venues are keeping their doors open until late at night to allow people free access to museums, galleries and music events. Despite the heated debates and apprehension that preceded, the year has been hailed as a success both commercially and for the city's image. The BBC News website has a brief summary of the year here. Above are a few of my photos taken in Liverpool,including one of the much acclaimed 'La Princesse' who lurched through the streets of Liverpool under rainy August skies. The fact that thousands of people turned up to see this giant mechanical spider was testimony to how the people of Liverpool took the year's events to their hearts. Funnily enough my phobia of spiders big and small disappeared for the day.

'The Leaving of Liverpool' is a traditional folk song, which tells of a young man leaving his home town and loved ones, on board a ship heading to California. It can be heard here performed by the group 'The Dubliners'


  1. The people of Liverpool did a wonderful job.....I think the title will always be there now.....

    Beautiful should have sent those of to the tourist board!!

  2. Love your collage Anna. Looks like you've enjoyed living close to the City of Culture!

    You asked about collages over at mine. Like you I use Picasa and for that type of collage it's best to use 4, 9 or 16 photos, otherwise some of them get repeated to make a square number of pictures.

    I see Picasa has loads more collage options now, which I haven't explored yet.

  3. PS I recognised 'The Matthew' at once!

  4. Nice photos! I sometimes wish I lived near a port city... my mom grew up in Hamburg and my granddad was a sailor.

  5. I visited Liverpool last year, I just loved what they have done at the Albert dock! Such a fantastic restoration.

  6. Thanks for all your comments.

    A lovely compliment Cheryl :)

    Thanks for the collage/mosaic info. VP. It was my first attempt and mainly guess work. Top marks for your astute ship recognition !

    Oh the sea must be in your blood then Monica. I have always lived within fifty miles or so from the sea but then we are a relatively small island :)

    I am so glad that you enjoyed your visit to Liverpool Matron. The Albert Dock has been completely transformed and is a great place to visit.

  7. I love "The Dubliners" being of Irish stock myself, so I was glad you gave them a mention.

  8. I used to enjoy their music Maureen, but have not seen them on television for a long time. I wonder if they still perform - must investigate !

  9. We saw them live a number of years ago and they looked old, but were amazing. I think I will see if they are about myself I will look online.
    When we visit Dublin which is as often as we can, we go to O'donaghues on Merrion Row, which is where the Dubliners started out and there are some lovely old black & white photo's of "the lads" and a great one of Luke Kelly, on the walls in the bar.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.


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