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Sunday, 18 January 2009

'Mellow Yellow'

Giving me a reason to sniff and smile - a bunch of beautifully narcissi from a dear friend.


  1. Daffodils are my indulgence at this time of the year. Instant sunshine :)

  2. Lovely yellow daffodils during the winter just brightens up my day! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. They are wonderful, I think they are my favourite flower, although as soon as a rose bloom I will probably change my mind!

    I have some daffodils in flower in the Garden, they are late this year, they usually flower in time for Christmas, although when I planted them, they were classed as February Earlies.

    Thanks for sharing, they look so pretty in that blue and white jug.

  4. Thanks all for your comments.

    Good on you VP - a girl has got to spoil herself. I treat myself to the odd bunch of flowers every now and again. More so when I used to work as there were three florists in short walking distance of the office so hard to resist.

    You are welcome Jan - if you were nearer I would split the bunch with you.

    Hello Zoe and thanks for your comment. I know what you mean about changing your mind about your favourite flower :) I have never had any early flowering daffodil varieties but a garden nearby usually has some out in January. When I see them I always surprised .

    All too true Monica :)

  5. A beautiful photo. I collect blue & white china and love to see yellow flowers of any kind displayed in them. Cheers me up no end on a grey day.

  6. There is something special about yellow daffys happily sitting in a pitcher. It doesn't matter what colour or kind of pitcher. They just look scrumptious. O.K. wrong word - they look beautiful!!

  7. Hello Wendy and thanks for your comment. As you say the container does not matter - crystal or jam jar, they would look good whatever you put them in : )


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