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Friday, 15 January 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - January 2010

Here I will be venturing out soon - the need to restock the fruit bowl is urgent but I doubt if there will be any photos of flowers to follow. The snow give it its due is slowly evaporating but today has bought sleet and a stiff breeze, so my camera will remain cosy in its case. I imagine that there is not much out there to capture anyway - maybe the odd wild squirrel. I did want to photograph some interesting paw marks that appeared in the snow yesterday but I think that I should have ceased the moment then and there. If there had been a meltdown there maybe the odd named snowdrop or two to share with you, some winter flowering jasmine, a straggly sarcococca confusa, a witchhazel and the above hellebore which I photographed at the end of December. My garden is woefully lacking in autumn and winter interest. One of my gardening priorities in 2010 is to make a start on remedying that situation. So later on today I am sure that I will find inspiration as I see what everyone else has in bloom this January. I have also been spending some of this period of enforced hibernation reading up on this subject and hope to share my reading matter soon.

Inside my little white African violet is down to its last few flowers. It has flowered since the middle of July - how's that for good going.

You can find January blooms over at May Dreams Gardens kindly hosted by Carol. Until warmer days ..........


  1. I'll be watching your blog with interest to see what you decide to grow to give interest to your garden at this time of year. I'm in exactly the same situation and also want to remedy this for next year. Indoors I have managed to coax my orchids into blooming for a second time.

  2. Although not a January bloom, but a December, it’s still so very pretty!

  3. Like yourself and Jo I'm also in dire need of more winter interest in the garden - it looks pitiful at the moment, hence no photos for a long time. Hopefully we can all give each other hints and inspiration as the seasons progress.

    Your bloom is gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend. Jeanne x

  4. Goodness, Anna, from the list of things you name, it sounds like you have the winter interest thingey covered! Maybe you are used to more, but those sound wonderful to us. :-)

  5. We've had uncommon cold here, too. If it were not for forced bulbs, there were be few blossoms this winter until the breezes from the south start to bring enough warmth for the Camellia buds to wake.

  6. Did I read that right?
    You had a hellebore out last month already?
    And such a lovely soft pink too. No good asking the name, is it? Or is it only the double ones that don't come true from seed? I always get confused with those plants.

  7. Hi, Anna;
    First time visitor. Good to see that you are holding up well during this crazy winter we are all having. I look forward to reading more about your ideas for winter interest as I'm lacking in that, as well.

  8. I find January and February are dull months in my garden. I console myself that I'm not often out in the garden, so can afford to keep available space for more interesting spring and summer plants. That's my excuse - and I'm sticking to it!

  9. Hi Anna

    I generally take the view that winter is dull and a time for little more than tidying up and turning the compost heap.

    In truth my 'winter interest' is limited to a bottle of decent red and a good film.
    That said, I take my hat off to those that pull it off and create colour at this time of the year.

  10. I'm with Frances, it sounds like you've got a good foundation of winter interest plants already. Around here, "winter interest" is limited to large shrubs & trees.

  11. I need to work on my structure and winter interest as well - founds very worthy though and not as much fun as other planting

    Will see if I can find out the name of the Amarylis

  12. Your hellebore bloom is gorgeous, Anna! I'm looking forward to seeing my first blooms on the hellebores this spring. My garden is also lacking autumn and winter interest--I look forward to reading some of your ideas to remedy that. Stay warm; I hope the weather improves there soon!

  13. Hi Anna,

    I don't imagine many of us in the UK have anything to photograph at the moment!

    Snow is melting at last... So hopefully things will begin to wake up...

    Good luck with your Autumn/Winter planting, I am in a similar situation and am torn between witch hazel, sweet box and daphne... perhaps all three??!! :D

  14. Hi Anna Such a lovely Hellebore. I am afraid I tend to hibernate in the winter from the garden but agree with your sentiments that a few more winter flowers especially seen from the house would be nice. i noticed my winter Jasmine outside the kitchen window looks much the worse for wear after the snow.

  15. As a newcomer to blogging this is my first, but certainly not my last, visit to your site. Such an interesting mix of articles and, yes, your pictures are absolutely wo nderful.

    It is true that the blogging world is filled with lots of interesting people with great ideas, but it all can become rather addictive don't you think?

    I shall look forward to reading future postings.

  16. Anna how on earth did you get that African violet to bloom so long ???
    tell me the secrete as soon as you think of it ok ? LOL
    I love your hellebore picture : ) I am so excited waiting to see if the new ones I put in this past Autumn will flower for me .. a wonderful friend sent them to me .. including Golden Lotus for which I am SO GRATEFUL !!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with girl !!

  17. Anna~~ I love your hellebore. Your weather? Not so much. A few years back I was feeling the same way, needing winter interest. It's a fun undertaking and I look forward to seeing your progress.


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