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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I'm A Guru, How Do You Do!

I've been going around with a silly grin on my face today and singing a slightly amended line from a song remembered from my childhood - 'The Gnu Song' by Flanders and Swann. In case you are wondering the original line goes so : "I'm a Gnu, How do you do'".

Yes sometime yesterday evening I morphed into a guru !!! Himself could not fathom my excitement (it's a bit like the reaction I get when I call him to come and see some seeds that have germinated) so I must tell somebody who will understand. I also wanted to thank you all especially Stuart for making Blotanical such a great online gardening community. Since joining I feel as if have joined another gardening club. You might not be near enough to exchange seeds, cuttings etc. but you are all so generous with your suggestions, plant identification, photos, hints and tips, sharing your gardening experiences and visits and with your comments here. I've had so much fun since joining Blotanical just over a year ago. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with all the lovely folk I have already encountered and to 'meeting' more kindred spirits along the way. Long may the party continue!

PS If are a garden blogger reading this and wondering what on earth I am rabbiting on about come over to Blotanical and do join in.


  1. Congratulations! I dont think I will ever achieve that staus!LOL
    Well done_ it is very well deserved.
    Love from

  2. aloha anna,

    congrats on your milestone...what a great feeling, i'm glad you are sharing the moment with your virtual gardening club:)


  3. Congratulations, Anna! I'll be joining you in guru-land in a few days. -Jean

  4. Congratulations, oh guru Anna, oh wise one, long may you blog.

  5. Congratulations Anna, very well deserved.

    RO xx

  6. Congrats on being a guru, Anna! Welcome to that oddly amusing status. It doubles your salary, of course. ;-)

  7. Well done, Anna and a big hug and congratulations! Yeehaw! It takes a lot of effort and stick to itness to get to the top. We welcome you into the fold. {{{U}}}

  8. Congratulations on your Guru status. Love The Gnu Song especially '..nor am I in the least, like that dreadful hartebeast.' Now I'll have it running through my head for a while. ~Rebecca

  9. Congrats Anna! It takes a lot of time to get to Guru.

  10. Major congrats to you Anna! I completely understand your personal hoopla. I experienced the same elation when I stepped onto that highest ladder rung a few months ago. The best part is having more Picks. Before meeting my Blotanical friends I had virtually no traffic to my blog. Depressing. Blot makes all the difference. Oh happy day!!

  11. Congratulations Anna!
    And on your 1 year anniversary as Blotanist member!

    I am just a few points to be a Master...

  12. Well done Anna - when's the party? ;)

    So glad you're enjoying life in blogland and over at Blotanical :)

  13. Congratulations Anna - delighted for you.

    I am still chortling over Jodi's comment.

  14. How wonderful! Am off to look at blotanical again - must admit to having been absent for quite some time.
    P x

  15. Congratulations, Anna! I look forward to obtaining a "guru" status. I continue to find so many wonderful blogs, and want to add them to my favorites, but the favorites pot has run dry...

  16. Congratulations Anna - well deserved!

    Jeanne x

  17. Congratulations on your "guru-isation", Anna.

  18. Next stage - levitation. Hover mower?

    I wonder if Stuart is fully aware of how much pleasure he has brought to so many people.

    Can Australians be knighted? If so, perhaps we should put him forward.


  19. Our salary gets doubled ????
    NO ONE TOLD ME !!!!!! hahaha
    Hey congrats on this Anna .. I have slowed down so much since getting to that point I'm sure you will FLY past me girl !! LOL
    Joy gnu gnu ;-)

  20. Congratulations Anna - I think it would take me a long time to reach that.


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