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Sunday, 10 January 2010

'I'm Late, I'm Late For A Very Important Date!'

What a to do! As the White Rabbit said ''I'm late, I'm late for a very important date'' - well only by a few days and I hope that I am forgiven. I have returned albeit late in the day to Chavasse Park in Liverpool, for a Decembers 'Out On The Streets' aka OOTS contribution over at Veg Plotting. I have already posted about the park on the park here (June) and here (September).

Well my pre- festivities shopping went awry this year this year, so it was the last day of December before I got to Liverpool. It was a foggy and cool day and although the murk lifted whilst we there, the urge to take my gloves and take photos was a while coming.

Here is one of the Ferris wheel which was erected shortly before Christmas. From this apparently you can see Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales) on a clear day. I say apparently as I will not be testing it out - heights are not my thing. I will have to send himself up for a bird's eye view and report back. The wheel will be taken down at the end of January but there are plans to erect a permanent wheel on the waterfront later this year ~

What struck me was just how attractive the various grasses looked ~

Sorry I forgot all about the festive glitter VP, although in the photo above you can see conical red shapes decorating the street lights - well I think that is what they are. It was too early for them to be switched on.

I am still finding it hard to visualise what the park might look like in spring. This was before the 'Big Freeze' and try as I might I was disappointed not to see any sign of emerging bulbs. I am looking forward to returning in March if not before to see what's happening.


  1. The grasses are lovely Anna... it softens the concrete world. A handsomely planted park and hopefully there will be bulbs when next you visit. I am with you about not going up for a ride on a ferris wheel! That is pretty high! You have a great photograph in any case.

  2. Anna, The grasses are beautiful~~I am discovering that more public plantings showcase grasses and far better then many a perennial garden in the neighborhood! I would love to see the view from the tip top of that ferris wheel! gail

  3. Oh and thanks for the link to Snowdon... What a breathtaking landscape! Gorgeous! To see the mountain might just tempt me up on the giant wheel.

  4. Lovely photos, I love the grasses!

    It looks like a very nice place to be, especially in Summer and Autumn when they grasses are in flower :)

  5. Hi Anna ~~ This is a gigantic Ferris wheel. I like its round architecture juxtaposing the strong vertical leafless trees. I like the effect of the tawny grasses with those remaining green. Either a Carex or Mex. Feather I'm guessing. I love your Teza's logo design. Very eye catching. No self-portrait included with your forum entry? Me either. :)

  6. Hi Anna

    I hope that Ferris wheel beomes a permanent fixture. I still have clear memories from the London eye, breathtaking views.

    Those grasses look in good nic.

    The big freeze strtched as far as here yesterday with 6 ins of snow. Forecast minus 11 tonight.

    Keep warm


  7. Take comfort, Anna, that you're far earlier than I am, who never did get around to doing a streets post. Maybe this month. I love the grasses, and am always encouraging others to try more of them. .

  8. Nell Jean - Seedscatterer10 January 2010 at 20:56:00 GMT

    Fabulous grasses. The Ferris Wheel orients into the landscape very well.

  9. Hi Anna, I have an adventuresome streak, and I would love to ride that ferris wheel! The grasses are lovely, and they add a lot when all the flowers are gone.

  10. Hi Anna - no you're not late at all because I haven't done the wrap up post yet :)

    It's been interesting to see how well grasses are standing up in the winter months. All the magazines tend to show them tinged with frost which of course in most years is an infrequent occasion. The great thing about OOTS is that we don't wait for the most ideal day to take our photos, so one can see what does well in not so ideal conditions.

    As a self-confessed hater of grasses it's given me much food for thought.

    Thanks for a great OOTS entry as usual :)

  11. Hi Anna, love the white rabbit! Those grasses are real standouts. Such a good idea for public spaces with the low maintenance and flowing movement. I hope to see the bulbs in bloom there in a couple of months, and in my own garden too! :-)

  12. Even the ugliest of buildings can be softened with the right plantings.

  13. Hi Anna,

    Lovely grasses, I like them most on the first photo.
    I have checked your previous posts (June and September ones) on this park, and its beautiful in any season.

  14. Hi Anna, I too love grasses over the winter. And that shot of the ferries wheel is lovely--it almost looks like the "skeleton" of a bare tree and its shape complements the trees so well!

  15. I'm with you there, heights aren't my thing either. I bet there are some spectacular views from it though.

  16. Very pretty grasses and I am glad I found your blog! Love the ferris wheel but I wouldn't want to be stuck on it....:/


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