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Sunday, 31 January 2010

End of Month View - January 2010

The advent of a new year was a welcome prompt for me to join in with Patient Gardener's 'End of Month View'. It was a challenge to decide which part of the garden to select as the whole is in need of a makeover. It was also a challenge to take a photo of the selected area with not only snow on the ground this morning, but also a big pile of paving blocks in my way. Don't ask about the blocks :) When and I say when the blocks are out of the way, I can take another photo of the border facing me, instead of head on and sideways.

This border runs alongside our dwelling. It is east facing, about twenty feet long and seven feet wide. I am not sure yet where it is going but it definitely needs an overhaul. There are some plants that need extracting, thinning out or repositioning and I have some new arrivals waiting in my coldframe to go in. I am debating about what to do with the fatsia japonica which I put there temporarily but before I knew it had taken off. The border does need more height at the back. However I am wary of it becoming overgrown as we have squirrels visiting the garden regularly. I do not want to provide them with ready made access to the roof. I may have said it before but garden planning and design leaves me bewildered and bamboozled.

There is not much sign of life there at the moment apart from some emerging hellebores and the smallest gathering of snowdrops which I have no recollection of ever planting.

Hopefully a monthly summary will give me the chance to record my progress or lack of it as 2010 unfolds.


  1. This is a great idea Anna - a kind of overview of the month - can anyone join in?

    Your snowdrops are really pretty.

    I'm so glad this is the last day of January, and a lovely day to boot. I felt like putting the bunting out!!

    Jeanne x

  2. Anna, it will be lovely to see how you develop this border over the coming months. I am especially interested as you say it faces East and I am going to have to tackle an East facing border this year.

    I rather like Fatsia will the squirrels really use it to get on the roof? naughty squirrels.

  3. Anna:
    I think I shall have to pay close attention to this area of your garden - it seems to be filled with glorious potential. I envy those who 'happen upon a clutch of snowdrops' as it were, I have planted bulbs three times with nary a result - lets hope third time is the prize as I so want their cheeriness in the late-winter/spring garden.

  4. Hi Anna, I do love photos of other's gardens! It's always so interesting seeing how things change over the year.

    My garden is too much of a mess for full views, so instead I'll stick to my macro close ups :D

    Looks like you're off to a good start with the snowdrops, Spring cannot come soon enough!

  5. A lot of ideas coming in to most gardeners; what plants to grow, which to be thinned, the concept, the right mix, the border... endless.

    I always go for the first idea that gets into my mind... hmmm. Don't ask me why.

    With snow thawing, soon there will be blooms all over!! Cheers ~bangchik

  6. It will be interesting seeing how the border develops. Yes, watch out for those squirrels, they're little pests.

  7. Anna - so glad you are joining in this year with End of Month view

  8. Dear Anna, I shall be most interested to see how your border develops and what changes you introduce. It is always fun to have new ideas and buy new plants.

    Thank you so much for the comments left on my two postings to which I have replied.

  9. This looks like it will be a great spot to watch through the year. I wonder if those squirrels planted the Snowdrops for you? :)

  10. Hi Anna~~ This border looks rife with possibility. The Fatsia looks really healthy. They can be cut back hard and will regrow from the ground. I hope you'll show us the "after" photo in July. I know what you mean about the design process. As a visual person the concepts don't really gel until I'm actually LOOKING at them. I don't do well with abstracts. Happy first week of February!

  11. What a great idea to keep a record to help us remember, and plan for improvements to a certain area. Last year I decided to take photos from 25 different places each month to compare. 25 was too many and after March I became too busy in the garden to remember to do it. The first three months look exactly the same in each shot too. This idea is soooo much better! :-)

  12. We have about as much (or as little!) snow as you do. Your plants are way ahead of ours, though. Happy February!


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