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Monday, 18 January 2010


A most welcome visitor turned up in the midst of 'The Big Freeze' - a goldcrest which is the United Kingdom's smallest songbird. Now I don't know whether goldcrests have visited the garden before or not but this is the first time we have identified this bird. It could just be that the bird feeder is now situated closer to the window and can see the birds more clearly. Whatever the reason it was most exciting to see this little bird close up ~

Since our sighting of the goldcrest I have discovered thanks to Teza that there is a new digatalis on the block, which goes by the name of 'Goldcrest'. It is a new introduction and may be hard to get hold of for some time but it has gone on the wish list so I have a memento of this delightful visitor.


  1. Your little goldcrest is so beautiful Anna - what a privilege to get such a good sight of him. Great photos.

    Jeanne x

  2. Anna:
    I shall check and see if I can get seed from it this year. Never tried to grow any from seed but it might be worth the effort. Your visitor is most beautiful!

  3. What a beauty this tiny songbird is Anna ... I got to see it better by clicking... the golden crest is easier to see. It is always exciting to identify a new bird for ourselves... one we had not seen before. He seems more interested in the you than his nice suet! Sweet! Carol

  4. How tiny and cute he is, Anna! I don't think we have them here, so I was especially interested to see a new-to-me species. Nice job on the photos.

  5. Hi Anna~~ And there's 'Wilma Goldcrest' as in Cupressus macrocarpa 'Wilma Goldcrest.' This is a fabulously chartreuse [remind you of anyone?] bordering on yellow conifer. Its color, conical shape and soft texture make it one of my favorites. If you decide on planting a Goldcrest border, :) I'd be happy to email you a photo of it. Your bird is a cutie. It always feels good to have out of town visitors, isn't it? Hopefully he'll bring the relatives and take up residence.

  6. Great photos! I always have troubles with taking birds photos - they are just too fast for me.
    Lovely little bird!

  7. Oh what a charmer, Anna! Like Grace, we have the Goldcrest cypress, don't know if it's Wilma or not though. The digitalis are usually quite easy from seed, surface sow and keep moist at room temp. Such a sweetie, and an interesting feeder too.

  8. Hi Anna

    I wonder whether the hard winter weather has motivated more birds to search further a field for food, hence rare sightings?

    Thanks for your offer of N. Mutabilis by the way. Luckily for me, T&M seeds 'chucked' a packet in as my order was over a certain amount, so I'm Ok thanks. All the same, really appreciate your offer, cheers.


  9. Anna What a great visitor and excellent capture I am useless with bird photography. I can't remember ever seeing one of these in my garden.


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