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Monday, 15 March 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 2010

Here I have whizzed round the garden on a sunny but breezy morning and have to report a distinct lack of activity in the blooming department. I still have plenty of snowdrops though unlike like last year when they lived up to their name of 'Fair Maids of February' ~

Here one of the most distinct of my specials - the rather wacky galanthus nivalis 'Walrus'~

The hellebores which were well open this time last March are making slow progress ~

with the odd exception of my recent purchase 'Walburtons Rosemary', which you can see at the top of this post, 'Mrs Betty Ranicar' who I wrote about here and this clump which was planted many moons ago ~

Crocuses are open - here is 'Cream Beauty' ~

and a waif and stray which I found growing on the edge of the garden - I suspect that a squirrrel has bought it in from one of the neighbour's gardens and stashed it there ~

A few little daffs in a pot are just breaking through ~


but making my morning was this little chap who so obligingly posed for me ~

Why not enjoy more March blooms over at Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day kindly hosted by Carol from May Dreams Gardens each month.


  1. Your distinct lack of activity looks wonderful to me! Nice capture of your obliging little chap :)

  2. Nooooo you have daffodils!
    *turns green with envy*

    I see you've taken the plunge with your blog spring clean as well. Very nice :)

  3. Oh, is this new blog design? When did that happen... looks great!
    Wonderful flowers!

  4. Hiya Anna,
    Same here. Tough going to find something suitable.
    What worries me is that there isn't even much that is sprouting. Maybe it will all explode.
    That new Pink hellebore was worth planting.Lovely colour. And that robin, well, that makes up for everything that's still missing.

  5. I wish we had teh variety of snowdrops here that are available in the UK. 'Walrus' is very cool. Your Hellebores must be very late, they're barely ahead of mine, which are right on schedule for the most part. Your little visitor is very cute.
    I like the new blog look, very fresh.

  6. The crocuses and snowdrops look great! Snowdrops are something I need to add here. Very cool bird photo!

  7. Aw, the little birdy is so tweet (HA! sorry). I don't have anything blooming yet (except my stick of a witch hazel finally bloomed this year!!!), but foliage is coming up and that's right on schedule here in the north. I only have one hellebore bud but am hoping for more. It had more last year, anyway. Maybe it didn't get enough sun (drat!).

  8. Hi Anna, your blog is looking quite spiffy, although I miss the tapestry photo! That creamy crocus stole my heart, but it is the bird that is remembered as we try to write a coherent comment, very different from our feathered friends.

  9. I love the pictures of crocus!! :D

  10. Lovely photos, and the robin is a real cheeky chap. I don't think I can ever have enough photos of crocuses - they last such a short time. Cream Beauty lives up to her name.

  11. Hi Anna,

    Wonderful photos, loving the Crocus, it looks like you have quite a clump there!

  12. It feels like we have been waiting for spring to start for ages doesnt it. I bet with will have lots of flowers next month

  13. aloha anna,

    you have alot of beautiful blooms coming from your garden today and it looks like alot of sweet smelling blooms also...thanks for sharing....i love all the crocus and helebore blooms especially cream beauty, great shot

  14. I am pretty sure a lot of us would have nothing blooming except crocus if it weren't for trusty hellebores! Thank goodness 'cause spring has been very poky across the pond, too! gail

  15. Anna, love the new blog design, looking quite springy and fresh.
    And I love your wacky Walrus!

  16. Anna:
    I love the new blog design -a wonderful light, atmospheric approach to Spring. I am in love with G.n 'Walrus' - what a spectacular bloom - definitely worthy of a pot where it can be observed in its diminutive glory. Your newest Helleborus aquisition of devine! With no snow remaining, I might actually get a chance to see mine bloom this year.

  17. Seems like there is quite a bit going on there! I love the Crocus, now I know what I'll be planting more of this fall.
    What a cute little Robin! And I love your new blog look too!

  18. Hi Anna, That creamy crocus is stunning! I love blooms in cream - they really glow. I must also say that little bird is just so adorable!

    ps. The blog looks great! :-)

  19. I love the cream beauty crocus, a very apt name. It's such a gorgeous colour and makes a difference from the bright yellow crocus's we so often see.

  20. After the winter's bludgeoning, it's so good to see the happymaking display of blooms smiling across gardens in so many places, yours included, Anna. I love the fresh, springlike look of your blog layout, too. Happy spring-almost and happy Blooms Day!

  21. love your photos, the robin looks like he's about to fall off that branch though

  22. It definitely looks like spring in your neighborhood, Anna! The first robin is the definitive signal to me. I'm still waiting for blooms in my garden, but I just have to be patient.

  23. What a wonderful collection of Spring blooms you have there. Seriously love the crocus myself now, have always loved the hellebores… love the colour of Betty!!

    Love the name walrus for such a delicate snowdrop flower! Also want to say I’m loving your new blog template too. I see quite a few have been Spring cleaning their blog look just now. Yours looks very Spring fresh :-D

  24. Enjoy visiting your "garden", you have the most beautiful flowers.


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