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Sunday, 6 June 2010

End Of Month View ~ May 2010

I came back from the Malvern Spring Gardening Show full of enthusiasm to get to grips with matters horticultural. I decided the very next day to make tracks with the 'End of The Month' border. My first task was to remove the pile of bricks that had been hampering my access for the last couple of years. The very next day feeling rather pleased with myself managed to spectacularly trip over something else which I had left propped near the wall. I took a spectacular stumble and landed on a patch of geranium macrorrhizum. As I am of voluptuous form the geranium came off worse than me but I sadly I was rather crestfallen after this incident. Bruised and cut knees and elbow ensued plus a cut forehead. After what seemed an age lying on the ground I gingerly picked myself up and got myself in myself in to be tended to by himself. Since then there have been other events getting in the way of gardening but I have been able to do some work in this border - more in the way of removal than planting.

I have been struggling with the removal of this thug which I introduced originally for some late summer colour- I am not sure what it is ~

I admired it in a friend's garden, came home with a clump of it and have watched its spread with dismay. Time to yank it out - a piece saved to plant at the allotment where it can do its stuff in the autumn. It has the most stubborn of roots to dislodge so is still a work in progress. Most satisfying though each time I pull another piece out. The geranium phaeum 'Lily Lovell' which you can see in the above photo will be in for some drastic thinning at the least when it has flowered. Both clumps are getting too big. Although I like the flower I have realised at long last that they do not really earn their living. The foliage is already looking quite forlorn after such a dry spring. It might even be a case of removing them completely - oh such decisions to be made. Now what will be going in to replace the bare patches - I'm not sure yet but watch this space.


  1. Tending a garden is as much about removing as planting. I was just thinking that as I surveyed some out-of-control Smilacina and Hostas. Sorry to hear about your tumble. The Geranium will be just fine. I just recently hacked mine with the hedge clippers, so I'm sure they look much worse than yours.

  2. Hi Anna, "voluptuous form"--that's a good one I'm going to remember. I took a similar spill headlong into several plants earlier this year... in cases like this, it's good to have one's own padding; otherwise I might have broken something! (Seriously. I have a very narrow friend who broke her wrist in a similar fall.)

  3. Hi Anna,

    Sorry to hear about your fall, I too do love 'voluptuous form', such a wonderful way to put it... May use that description myself.

    I hope you're nor fully recovered though!

  4. Anna:

    So sorry to hear about your tumble.... bruised pride is worse than anything else!

    I believe the yellow charmer is indeed Helianthus 'Lemon Queen'.... and yes, it is a bugger to get out. Took me the better part of an entire day to extricate a clump that was not yet three years old. Brutally tough as concrete root system that seems to to on and on..... leave anything behind, and the Queen indeed decides to hold court for yet another season.

  5. Your "End of Month view" does change rapidly. I think that it showed most growth although it was a dry spring.

    I don’t know the name of that lovely yellow flower, but it is beautiful. You can always keep it in a pot to control the roots.

  6. I hope you're now fully recovered after your tumble. Your border has changed dramatically each month, it's amazing how quickly plants can put on growth. One good thing about pulling something out is that you get to choose something new to fill it's place, I can't wait to find out what you're planning.

  7. Hi Anna, Oh dear how nice of your friend... LOL. Maybe you can keep a small clump in a container...

    I'm sorry about your tumble. OUCH. If it's any consolation, it happens to the best of us. I've got a nasty bruise on my shin as I write.


    Happy June,
    Award 4 u on blogger account.

  9. Hi Anna, Sorry about your fall! I walked into a tree branch last year and punched a hole in my head the size of a pea. (Nothing like coming in the house from the garden dripping blood to get a little sympathy and someone to make you a pot of tea!) :-)

    I too am realizing that - once again - I am going to have to "rearrange" a few things. I feel like Goldilocks somedays...this one's too pink, this one's too tall..!

    Take care, and hope your scrapes and bruises are all healing nicely.


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