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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Under My Umbrella



I have spent some time today peering out at the world from under my umbrella. As I don't drive an umbrella is a vital accesory when I put a foot outdoors unless a heatwave is predicted. I have gone through a few umbrellas over the years leaving them behind on buses and other forms of public transport. My all time favourite was patterned with raining cats and dogs. Every now and again I am tempted to treat myself to one like the beauty above. Other floral umbrellas have been calling out my name too - sunflower, dahlia and daisy shaped. However with my track record I don't think that I could justify the expense and am going to resist. Meanwhile if I could design a floral umbrella I think that I would base my design on any of these aquilegias in my garden. I think that they would fit the bill quite perfectly in an understated way ~

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  1. That is a great umbrella pic.

    The aquilegias are lovely too.

    It's raining on and off in almost biblical proportions here right now. A big old thundery low has drifted in from the Iberian peninsula and is flattening everything in the garden right now, sigh

  2. All of the umbrellas I have (around 25 at the moment) I have found on the bus or coach (I am a busdriver). I don't think I bought one in over ten years!

  3. What a lovely umbrella, Anna! And lovely flowers. Great post for the U day! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  4. Anna, That umbrella suits you! The photos are lovely too - you have the prettiest collection of aquilegias!

  5. Love the umberella but I think my kids got one up on this when they were little and came to the allotment they used to make umberella shades with rhubarb leaves, perhaps another idea for an umberella.

    The aquilega look delightful.

  6. Beautiful flowers and I think that umbrella you posted is stunning. Mine is a tiny black one. Fancy catches my eye but practical always wins.

  7. Very gorgeous umbrella like that one. Happy Wednesday!

    ABC Wednesday~U

  8. umbrella flowers - clever idea!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Beautiful umbrella - you would be thinking of the May Showers that bring forth these lovely June flowers
    as you strolled in the rain.

  10. A superbly decorated umbrella. I rarely use one but if I did, I'd lose it. :) I've been searching for an umbrella hat - maybe if it was on my head... Good post!

  11. Gorgeous umbrella. Now...if it could only have the fragrance of flowers, too.

  12. I love that umbrella and the aquilegias too. We had rain yesterday but I'm hoping it holds off today and tomorrow as my son is on a school trip.

  13. Dear Anna, I simply love your umbrella and am most intrigued to know where you found it. Too often, like you reliant on public transport as carless, I find myself with dreary black ones. Your picture has set me thinking! Your aquilegias are also lovely - amongst my favourite early summer flowers.

    And, Anna, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to leave such kind words for me on my 'Explanatory Note'. I was, and am, most touched by your concern.

  14. I'm good about umbrellas. Sadly, though, I live with three notorious brollynappers. That's how I lost my favourite, a silk, almost pagoda-shaped umbrella I found in a thrift shop. "May I borrow your umbrella?" asked Brollynapper #3. Me, after a pause to consider, "Y-e-e-s, if you promise to bring it back." BN #3, "Oh, Mum. (sighing long-sufferingly)" That was the last I ever saw of it.

    Love the columbines.

  15. Yes, any of those lovely nodding flowers could make a delightful umbrella motif. I'm thinking Clematis 'Duchess of Albany' although the corners might be a little too pokey.

    Nice photos.

  16. That wonderful umbrella would brighten the dullest of days!
    I love your pretty collection of aquilegias - such delicate little flowers.

    Sorry to read about your fall Anna - hope all is on the mend now.


  17. I love that umbrella! It is gorgeous. Sadly I hate using an umbrella and would rather get wet. The people in the Mariana Islands have a simple answer to their frequent rain storms (not showers, but usually tropical intensity) They carry a towel around their neck all day -- first because of the humidity and then to use as an umbrella if it rains. It really works well.

  18. The unbrella designer must love pansies. They look so pretty.

  19. cute images..
    love all of them fondly.

  20. Very nice and beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

  21. Your aquilegias are so charming. I just planted a few in my garden and am enchanted by their delicate, blushed colours.

    Oh, and I am craving a bright and cheery umbrellas as well. Enough of the black already! :)

  22. Wonderful flowery umbrella! I chose also "Umbrella " as one of my U-words.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's U-words


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