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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day - June 2010



'There is no clock in the forest
but a dandelion to blow,
an owl that hunts when the light is gone.
a mouse that sleeps
till night has come,
lost in the moss below.

There is no clock in the forest,
only the cuckoo's song
and the thin white of the early dawn,
the pale damp - bright,
of a waking June,
the bluebell light
of a day half born
when the stars have gone.

There is no clock in the forest.'

~ 'Timeless' - Judith Nicholls

This week it's two for the price of one ~ enjoy June musing over at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago and take a trip to ABC Wednesday for more on the letter T.


  1. What a beautiful and timeless picture!

  2. I must remember this poem, Anna! I have been stressing myself out lately over how quickly time is flying and how much I need to get done in the garden. But this sentiment is right--there is no clock in the forest or garden, only peace and beauty. Lovely photo!

  3. Nice poem. For some reason I wanted to shout TURNIPS! (As I've harvested the first of mine), but fair enough. It IS your blog, lol!

  4. What a wonderful post for the day, Anna! Such beautiful words and the perfect picture to match! I love it! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Enjoy the rest of your week!


  5. A glorious poem with a wonderful message. The photo is stunning!!

  6. A gorgeous photo as well as a poem that I know I will remember from time to time. Or does "from time to time" cancel the sentiment of "Timeless"?

  7. Anna, you always find the most wonderful poetry to accompany your lovely photos. Happy June!! :)

  8. What a great poem and a great photo too! The only time I look at my watch is lunchtime and dinnertime - or if I have an appointment. Gosh, if I didn't do that, maybe I'd lose a few!

  9. Lovely post Anna - the poem a reminder the calm serenity nature replaces our everyday hustle and bustle with.

  10. It is always fun to see what people come up with and choosing timeless is such a great choice! Which makes me think of the Bogey/Becall movie, "Time After Time".

  11. Spot on of course, being in the woods at dawn is a timeless experience for sure.

  12. Very similar to the allotment, I can get lost in my own little world there without realising what time it is.

  13. Chicago: Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?" Timeless indeed.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  14. That picture is so perfect with that poem! Timeless indeed.

  15. Lovely! It reminds me of the poetry that I used to read as a child. Funny how there are fashions in poetry, isn't it?

  16. Great words to match a beautiful scene...

  17. Just beautiful...picture and poem.

  18. Lovely, contemplative poem, Anna and great photo.

  19. Beautiful poem, thank you for posting it. Your photo is stunning and so very calming.


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