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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ June 2010

Well here we are already almost at the turning point of the year and with it a few of my favourite June blooms. Following the cold winter some of the late spring stalwarts such as aquilegias are still going strong. This one appeared by itself and I have no complaints ~

Another plant that I normally associate with May rather than June is this thalictrum which is still going strong - the exact identity of this one has long gone ~

I like the dangliness of nectaroscordum siculum ~

The rather elegant rosa glauca with its smokey grey leaves ~

I have plenty of astrantias - too many perhaps - these have self seeded when I wasn't looking looking but the first one 'Roma' - a Piet Oudolf introduction is sterile ~

Then last but not least there's the hardy geraniums ~ again the names are long lost memories apart from the penultimate which is the beautiful geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White' ~

Many more June blooms can be savoured over at May Dreams Gardens where Carol kindly hosts Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day each month.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I love your Aquilegias, especially the first one with its shaggy skirt :)

    Also glad to see you have Geranium Wargrave pink too, I love this Geranium it's such fantastic ground cover and flowers for months! It's doing a fantastic job in my otherwise empty front garden...

    Great to see I am not the only one with an obsession for both Astrantia and Geraniums!

  2. Delighted by the spiky white one.


  3. Hi Anna,
    I love your nectaroscordum siculum's dainty dangling blooms too. The Rosa glauca is one of my favorites blooming now. Lovely blooms all around. ;>)

  4. You have some gorgeous blooms just now. I especially like the nectaroscordum siculum and the lovely leaves of the rosa glauca.

  5. I love all the geraniums, especially
    Kashmir White. It must all look gorgeous at the moment.


  6. Hiya Anna,
    Somehow I associate you with Geraniums, and you are not letting me down today: lovely collection of them. All your plants are Chelsea type elegant, as used by designers :-). Our Columbines are only just starting, but I wish we had a double like that.
    Lovely fresh new page look.

  7. All lovely. I have a nectaroscordum, too, growing in just the wrong place under a shrub. Every year, I'm forced to seek out the blooms to cut them and enjoy them indoors -- or I'd never see them at all. But the place where they're growing is so root-infested, that if I tried to transplant them they might look like they'd been put through an egg slicer. An excuse to cut flowers, I guess. Happy blooms day.

  8. The thalictrum is spectacular.

    Makes me miss the plants I had when I was gardening up north. Haven't tried them down here, but I think they'd melt. :(

    Thank YOU for sharing yours with us!

  9. Hi Anna, My thalictrum isn't quite blooming yet. A different species to yours, which is astoundingly gorgeous! And you know how you go through life blissfully ignorant of some things and then you hear the same new term three times in close succession? So it goes for me and Astrantia, which I recently saw on Tina's blog and swore we didn't have in Michigan... and two days later I saw them on a garden tour, and a few days later still, here for you. I really like them. :)

  10. Beautiful plants, so many I'd grow if I gardened in your climate, especially the astrantia. That's been a repeat motif on bloom day posts this June. Nectaroscordum is so amazing, but always a no-show for me.

  11. Rosa glauca is lovely even when not in bloom. I know how it is with Astrantias and their seeding. I also planted 'Roma' last fall because it is sterile. They are cool plants, though. I'm a big fan of the Geranium clan. You have a lovely selection of them.

  12. I am intrigued by the nectaroscordium siculum. Must look that up to see if we could grow it here. I have the rosa glauca too but it gets eaten. poor thing.

  13. What a lovely collection of geraniums you have, Anna! It's nice to see the columbines still blooming as well. We've had so much hot weather here this spring that the "cooler" blooms haven't lasted long. And I love those fuzzy blooms on the thalictrum!

  14. I really like nectaroscordum siculum. I keep planting it but never see it growing anywhere.


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