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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Complete With Government Health Warning!

Here's what I hope will be the first of two posts for Vegplotting's quarterly Out On The Streets  feature. I think that I would rather gaze on a patch of weeds than this display but then each to their own. I came across this riot of in your face colour on the streets in Portsmouth this summer. I did not linger long as my eyes could not cope even on a relatively dull day. I hope to be back before the end of the month with news and photos of a local community project.


  1. It is a bit frightening/frightful isn't it?

  2. I'm sure you wont be upset if I respond with 'yuk'

  3. Dear Anna, This is indeed a frightful and frightening display. It is in great contrast to the vergeside municipal plantings of Brighton which have been like prairies of wild flower meadows. Lovely. The worthy councillors of Portsmouth need to take a day trip!!

  4. Hey Anna,

    Oooh, isn't it lovely, such modern planting and wonderful colours...

    Oh sorry no, I'm lying. I loathe this type of planting, look at all that bare soil!
    I honestly cannot understand why councils seem to think this is cheaper than sowing wildflower seed...

  5. In spite of your warning, I still have a headache looking at that!

    Picking up on Edith's comment I'm hoping that Claire Potter (theecospot) is going to give us a view of Brighton's public loveliness :)

    Thanks for your contribution Anna and I look forward to your next one! Sorry you had problems adding your link - I'll take your link now and add it over at mine.

  6. I concur with all the above! A total lack of imagination on the part of the councillors.

    I look forward to seeing what the local community project has achieved.


  7. It does seem like the planting might trigger epileptic seizures... but I always appreciate anything anyone has done, over having done nothing!

  8. It reminds me of Disneyland Anna. I've been absent lately so it's nice to visit and catch up. Happy to see you're doing ABC Wednesday!


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