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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Very Much An English Affair



We spent a brilliant day recently at the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival - a more detailed post to follow soon but here is a little taste. At the entrance to this particular garden an inscribed plaque greeted us with the words:

'This garden invites us to an English teatime. Put on your Sunday best and don't forget your good manners. Keep to the traditional etiquette : never make too much noise drinking your tea, never interrupt a guest, wait to be offered tea before having some more. England and tea are made for one another. Imagine the old-style tearooms, embroidered doilies, flowery china and shortbread biscuits.

For thousands of years people have known how to use teas and herb teas for their restorative qualities for body, soul and mind. "Posh Tea, Posh People"takes you on a voyage of discovery of the traditional uses of native plants in making herb teas and of the possibilities of incorporating these plants - so often disregarded - into contemporary beds.

Every weekend at 4.00pm tea will be served in the garden. Visitors will also be asked to taste a herb tea made using only the plants around them'.

We soon came across the collection of china crockery before we ventured into the main body of the garden. What was curious was the upright light with its fringed lampshade which emerged from the greenery. It is a long time since I have seen such a contraption in an English household -  I wondered what concept some of our continental cousins have of the English :)

Now I am strictly a coffee only drinker but whilst you catch a charabanc over to ABC Wednesday for more on the letter C, I will be pleased to pour you a cuppa. Sorry though it's not Earl Grey and I am completely out of shortbread biscuits this week .....


  1. Ha ha, 'I wondered what concept some of our continental cousins have of the English' is exactly it, I wonder?

    I'm a coffee man but don't mind a brew of earl grey or a moroccan mint tea, sweet.

  2. I am not a Coffee Connoisseur. However, I do love my Tea Time, and I'm from the States. We have Cute little Tea Rooms that I enjoy visiting once in awhile. Great post for C today.

  3. Delightful. I would love to visit and have a proper cuppa.
    I'm not a purest so it would be fun.

  4. How fun! Love all those cups!! Great shots for the C Day! Hope your week is going well, Anna! Enjoy!


  5. It's so lovely and fun. Great pic for the C day!!

  6. there's a Kinks song, have a cuppa tea, that immediately came to mind

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. The tea cups are simply stunning.

  8. I collect tea cups, so I was quite impressed!!!!!! Yes, I'll have two cubes of sugar and sweet cream please. And a scone if you have one.

  9. Tea time - so refreshing, and the collection of cups is fantastic.

  10. Well, I have been in an English home that was choc-a-bloc full of flowers. Flowered wallpaper, flowered carpets, flowered sofas and chairs. Unfortunately none of the flowers matched and it really hurt the eyes. I think I even saw a upright lampshade with fringe!
    So, it comes from somewhere...

    Love all the cups in those racks, although I would be very worried about a gust of wind!

  11. How very jolly particularly the collection of cups and saucers. I really enjoyed my cuppa when I got back from Italy as not a huge fan of coffee

  12. i Closed my eyes in disbelief first after seeing the first photo. :D wow.. what a lot of cups..!

  13. Thanks for taking me along! But you lost me at the first photo of those gorgeous tea cups & saucers. Heavenly!

  14. Love the installation with the teacups. Utterly charming. :)

  15. What a unique display of tea cups! I wonder what would happen if a stiff wind came through?! They tea garden sounds so inviting. I could really use some relaxation today.

  16. Pretty garden. Lovely tea cups. Charming post.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's C-word

  17. One has standards! I just love the Summers where all my tea drinking is done on a table on the patio. I work hard in my garden but I always remember to stop, relax and enjoy it. Love the teacup wall!

  18. I love the teacup collection and think there's no better combination than tea + garden in the summertime.

  19. I've always wanted to visit there Anna so I'm really looking forward to the full version later.
    Maybe I'll get soon.
    P x

  20. Anna, I know I'm behind again but I had to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing this unique garden and your take on it. Earl Gray is my favorite tea but we are huge coffee fans here, mainly because a family member works for an incredible up and coming coffee company.

    The teacup display is a marvel and the sitting area is very intriguing too! Great "c" post!!!


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