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Friday, 20 August 2010


This week's conundrums ~

1) Why is there yet another book trying to prise my purse open? The culprit in this case is 'Thoughtful Gardening' by Robin Lane Fox which is due to be published in early September.

2) Does the lifting of the hosepipe ban yesterday mean that we will now have some dry weather? The imposition of a hosepipe ban on 6th July was followed by six weeks of almost non stop rain.

3) Why did the dwarf French beans I haphazardly stuck in the ground the day before I went on holiday flourish, whilst the ones I planted carefully earlier this week suffer from mega mollusc damage during their first night in the ground? Picks up roots and weeps.

4) Why is there always yet another mange tout pea winking gleefully at me whenever I think I have finished picking them?

5) Sweet peas sown from seed all out of the same packet ~ allegedly the same colour ~ so why is there an odd one out ~ luckily it still colour coordinates with the remainder.

6) Why did 20 plus year old viburnum tinus prove to be such a stubborn ****** when it came to being extracted from the garden? Picture a most sweaty himself sitting in campervan, ropes tied to campervan and aforesaid shrub, in a make or break effort to remove the stumps.

7) Why did I buy another plant yesterday morning when I have a cold frame full of plants waiting to be planted?

Answers on a postcard please!


  1. Oh, I can identify with most of those! Mine wasn't a viburnum though, but a 20 ft high pittosporum!


  2. The list goes on - Why do we have fine allotment weather when we can't get there, then it rains on the days that we've planned to go.

  3. Oh don't get me started Anna! I do believe there are no answers - these conundrums are sent to try us - but they make for a fun read!

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Dear Anna, What an amusing set of conundrums you pose here. I think it is all part of life's rich pattern to prove to us all that we are but human!!

  5. I have no idea, but sometimes #7 (or variations thereof) happens to me, too. I have my own question. What the heck is a housepipe ban?! Not using water on plants?!

  6. I love the word conundrum!! I understand your dilemma about another garden book and another plant. Oh boy...I'm with you!!!

  7. This did make me smile. I can answer the last one - the plant you bought, you bought because you didnt already have one of those in your cold frame

  8. Love these! I share the mangetout and the new plant ones too, although I have just had a planting out day to make me feel less guilty about buying new ones.

  9. I don't know either, but no. 7 is strangely familiar ;)


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